What entrepreneurship has taught me about writing

What entrepreneurship has taught me about writing

I was sitting waiting for the psychologist to give me some feedback on my assessment for a job. It was late February and because of personal circumstances I had been forced into looking for a job. Things at home weren’t great and my business partner owed me a shed load of money and it was unlikely that he would be able to pay me.

He smiled, opened the report and said ‘mmm you are very entrepreneurial.’ My heart sank, in that fraction of a second I was convinced that I would never get the job. How wrong I was, the company wanted someone with oomph. They didn’t care that I didn’t know the industry, they only cared that I had passion, desire and drive. Well I have that in bucket loads.

But being an entrepreneur means you get bored easily. At it does if you are me. I am an ideas person. Give me a sticky challenge and I am off and I work at it until I find some answers. I love to create. And I have to keep creating. Which is why I am back wearing my entrepreneurial boots.

What keeps me going now is helping others to bring their visions alive, through their stories. That can be anything from cases studies, presentations to blogs and books. I just adore stories and helping others get them out into the world and building their brands with them.

I love to write my own stuff and at present I have no less than 3 non-fiction books that I am editing and a novel in the planning stage. Why not one and just finish that. Well I don’t work that way, I need change and difference, they stimulate me. When I get close to the finish line with my priority project, then I work like a dog to get it finished and as near perfect as possible. I try not to be too anal about how perfect things are anymore, as I discovered that is a straight path to procrastination.

So what has being an entrepreneur taught me about writing?

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In the end this is your life, your business, your book, do it your way and be confident in what your doing. The others don’t matter, all that matters is you and being the best you that you can be.

3 Replies to “What entrepreneurship has taught me about writing”

  1. If only we focus a bit more in life, every action of ours has a lesson… loved this one. I think I will ask some of my friends to take notes from this post 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Jacqui,
    It sounds like you’re really great at making lemonade from lemons! Good for you! And a prolific writer, to boot! I’ll be anxious to check out your books once they are published. Great post!

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