A book is not just a book when it has the F-Factor

9 faces looked expectantly at Cathy (Cathy Presland – my other half at PreslandQuirk) and I. We had gathered in the offices of Damsels in Success to fire their imagination, talk through the book process and discover the thoughts and ideas that would go onto to make their first book. Not only that, we had to create an outline that would make it easy for them to write which would connect them and every chapter, but would also create a connection in their readers and members. Not much to ask then?

The day as you can imagine was great fun. You wouldn’t expect anything less from nine dynamic women.

On the drive up Cathy and I has discussed what the book might be about, how it could be used to build the Damsels in Success brand and drive membership, it wasn’t our book however we felt a mounting excitement. What we now had to do was keep our mouths shut and let the Damsels energy flow. That’s a tall order when you know how passionate we are about our authors.

Out came the post it notes and coloured pens, questions, laughter, thoughts, ideas, experiences and knowledge poured forth. Hearts and minds connected, caught, drawn into the fire of imagination and then ‘aha’, the book was born.

F-Factor workshopOn one scrap of flipchart paper lay the chapters, each with an owner and each tingling with energy waiting to have life breathed into it.

Now all that had to happen was for the knowledge, skill, experiences and soul of each author to be freed from their unconscious minds onto paper, so that their shared wisdom would touch the hearts, minds and souls of the one person that they were writing for.

And so The F-Factor was born.

But a book is just a collection of paper and ink without the energy of the writers, transmuting the spirit of the words into meaningful collateral, which will build their brand and raise the consciousness of their readers.

What is The F-Factor?

I was out walking with my husband after my first read through when I found myself quoting Michelle and then Lucie. Not a verbatim quote, but their collective wisdom became mine. In order for me to thrive, I needed to put myself first. This of course means nothing to you, but at home, we look after my husbands 92 year old mum and anyone who has been there knows what a challenge that can be. I was feeling challenged and The F-Factor simply reminded me of a few truths which gave me food for thought and support.

The F-FactorThe F-Factor will emotionally connect with you in the way that you need it to. Thats what books do. That’s what writing does. It reminds you of what you already know and somehow gives you permission to use it.

The F-Factor is the combined wisdom of nine women who a few months ago looked at a sheet of paper and put their faith in the process. They found time in their busy lives so that you could find time for you and have a little more of what you want – just for you.

Our wonderful F-Factor authors, are directors of a national community called Damsels in Success. A community where women come together to share learning, love and support.

Part wisdom, part philosophy and part support, The F-Factor is also packed full of learning and practical exercises. At the very core of the book too, are the life stories that shaped the women behind the fabulous female phenomenon of Damsels in Success – showing us that with the right strategies and support, women everywhere can live the deeply satisfying lives they choose.

So if like me, you sometimes forget to put yourself first, pull out your copy of The F-Factor and remember to embrace the philosophies of ‘Filling Yourself Up First’ ‘Success with Ease’ and believing that you ARE enough…

Working with the team

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed working with Lucie and her team of amazing Damsel ambassadors. They were a joy, they said what they thought, did what they said they would and beyond.

Last week I sat down with Michelle to do a final look though, Will her son remind us that we were launching a book into space and to hurry up as he also had a party to go to.

Not only have the Damsels directors written their first book, but together, as only they know how, they have created an incredible launch and buzz around what’s coming next. These ladies could teach a few organisations about team work with ease!

Meet the authors

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The launch

Come and join us for the launch and celebration which takes place on September 13th in London.

Damsels in Success are hosting a 4-hour special event that will include champagne, amazing networking and a series of never-seen-before “Masterclasses” that you will LOVE…

Cathy and I will be there with these ‘nine extraordinary women’, enjoying the reflected glow of The F-Factor success and a few glasses of champagne.

Book here http://bit.ly/1bN8Hmd

Also let us know on Facebook that you will be joining us. https://www.facebook.com/events/124925627677649/?ref=ts&fref=ts


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