My journal, my best friend…..

I don’t think you get too good writing unless you expose yourself and your feelings. Deep songs don’t come from the surface; they come from the deep down. The poetry and the songs that you are suppose to write, I believe are in your heart. Judy Collins

Journaling is an intensely personal experience, where spewing onto to paper, like the Sat night expunging of too much beer and curry is to be welcomed.  Like the curry ousted and staining the pavement, words spread onto paper giving meaning to our lives, our sadness, sorrows, joys and laughter.

When I put pen to paper there is something other worldly that takes over.  My words spill onto the page in an unconscious rush like the tide lapping on the shore, natural and uncontrollable.

Writing is all absorbing. A nether world of abandon, a dwelling place created just for you.  No one can enter, no one dare leave, for leaving is to admit that the story about to unfold will be missed where the excitement of answers already known spew forth, spilling on your page, resolving your issues as only you know how.

There have been many times when my pen with its life of its own, somehow connected yet disconnected from me, has unfolded and flung my life at me against a back wash of unhappiness and joy, emotions entwined, confused and yet so obvious.

Sometimes I cringe when I read back what I have written, more often I delight in the stories that I weave.  I wonder where the language comes from, how the soul sends the words along a tract that extends to my pen and onto the paper.  Where between the lines, words, become sentences, become paragraph, whole stories and solutions.

Usually I write at night and in the morning. I often waken amused and astounded by the stories my unconscious mind has told.  They are my words, my thoughts, feelings and emotions and more importantly my answers.

Unlike talking, writing remains, as perfectly as I left it.  The pigment on paper is a permanent reminder of what needs to be carved.  The paper, unlike a critical so called friend lets you tell the story without interruption or bias.  It lets you shout and scream, hurl abuse, weep and laugh. It pays attention, it listens to your heart and loves you without question.  Your squiggles, stickmen and doodles are priceless art, which your inner critic adores and would, if it could, sell for a millions.

Journaling is the start of an adventure with you.  You are the most important person in your life and you deserve a mention or three in your best selling book.  Reflecting on musings through creative writing is one of the most cathartic experiences that I have ever had.

I write journals and would recommend journal writing to anyone who wishes to pursue a writing career. You learn a lot. You also remember a lot… and memory is important. Judy Collins

Like a thirst that needs quenching, writing nourishes your soul and drenches your worries.  When you plant the seed of concern, dark ink feeds the roots, enabling the flowers within to grow.

The journal contains a bundle of fascinating facts and stories of us and those around us, of trips to the mundane or journeys into the fantastic. The finest fodder for story or two.

No one need know that they are playing a central role in your story of hellfire and conflict or of unrequired love, intense happiness, confusion, rage, joy, pessimism, certainty, revenge……  All that matters is that you have resolved what you needed through the art of writing.

Writing to Heal teaches you how to start journaling and provides tools and techniques for reflection through creative writing and it’s fun.

Much has been written about the therapeutic role writing plays, unless you try it you will never know.  It is one of the most cost effective self-help tools that I know. It’s one that you can use every day, it requires no explanation, trips to the quacks, fancy clothes, false smiles, excuses to come home early, it just needs you, a comfortable place, pen, paper, open mind and faith.

If the only thing that is stopping you, is you.  Ask why and what would help you to get started, what resources do you need and when will you start?

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