The point of writing your book is?

There are lots of reasons you might write a non fiction book. You have travelled this life, collecting knowledge, skills and experiences and now you are here, wondering what to do with them.

Writing a book is one thing you might consider. That book could be non fiction where you share your journey and inner wisdom with your reader. It might be a memoir, where you lead us through a slice of your life, take us on a journey and leave us with another message. Or you may want to mingle the facts with a bit more creativity and come up with your first novel.

Some of my best life and business decisions have come from writing, although I may not want to share all of my writing with you, writing has given me clarity and changed my life.

As a journaler, I can tell you that I have spend many a night scribbling things down, ideas come to me, I find ways to solve problems, I write stories, poems, ideas for books, plan campaigns, work things out and sometimes just doodle.

The question isn’t, what out of that is good stuff for a book, it is “what is the point of your writing“?

The point of your book is?

I meet many people who ‘want to write a book’ but who do not have the motivation and self discipline to write it. Nor do they know what their strategy for the finished article is. They don’t know their why and because of that, they don’t know the point of their book.

Maybe getting to the why is not important, maybe the point is to just start and see what evolves?

Under those circumstances rather than not start, I would highly recommend that you blog, and keep blogging until you get a feel for what your reader wants and what the gap in the market might be.

Before I run a book discovery session with my clients I always ask them to do a little why, what exercise and some competitor research and create a picture of their reader. This gives them (and me) an idea of how they can take what they think they want to write about and shape it so that it is unique. Though I have to say, that even if there are ten books on any chosen subject, the way that you offer you insights will be different – because you are unique.

Before you rush off, stop for a moment and consider what the real personal benefits of writing your book are?  Not the outright business benefits, but the things that mean something to you.

Sometimes the outcome of the book is personal change for you.

Books change people. They change you and when you publish and your thoughts travel, they will change others.

The benefits of writing books are more personal than you might expect.

  1. Writing is very cathartic and soothing
  2. New insights emerge
  3. You can start to see patterns emerging that come through the process of writing and reflecting
  4. You can clarity
  5. It is amazing for your confidence when you tell others that you are writing a book (although you may never publish it)

There will be more.  I encourage you to not only think about the business end, but think about the personal impact this will have on you.  If there are any negatives, consider how you might turn them into positives, who can help and what resources do you need.

Not everyone I work with turns their writing into a published book. Sometimes the ‘stuck’ bits become unstuck and the book remains unpublished. Sometimes the person doesn’t really know what they want and they stay searching for someone else to change their lives for them. Mostly people who have a burning desire to write and publish will.

You will know when the time is right, which content, strategy, how and why. If you are reading this and wondering what is the point, call me, tell me about your ideas and dreams and lets see how we can turn them into something that will change your life and others.

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