Can you write a book in a weekend?

I am always fascinated when I read that something as huge as writing a book can be achieved in a weekend. As a book coach and writer myself, I know that writing and publishing a book is a large undertaking.

However… I thought, if people are selling the ability to write a book in a weekend, it must be possible.

Without buying the book or the course, I thought I would have a go – it was my challenge this weekend.

Check out the small print on such websites, one I found says the following:-

None of these photos or comments in any way represents the “average” or “typical” customer experience. In fact, as with any product or service, we know that some customers invest in our system but never use it, and therefore get no results from their investment whatsoever. Therefore, the customer stories we are sharing can neither represent nor guarantee the current or future experience of other past, current or future customers. Rather, these customer stories represent what is possible with using our system.

I am guessing that this is standard practise to cover ones a**.

My question to you is this

…what would you say if you were challenged to write a book in a weekend?

  • Yes, it is a cinch!
  • Mmm, I might be able to write a few chapters
  • Not on your nelly!

What if the book was just say 10,000 to 20,000 words, would you be tempted? If you could write 1000 words in an hour, in one day (ish) you would have a book and then on the second day you could edit and format it – couldn’t you.

When spelled out like that, I have to say that it looks an attractive proposition.

My next question is

…how can you plan and write a strategic brand-building book in just a weekend?

I am in the process of editing a book on personal branding, which has taken so far at least five weeks writing, and almost as much editing. Of course, I am writing and editing it in my spare time. I get up an hour earlier every day and do a few hours on the weekend. This is compounded by the fact that I am at the editing stage of another book with three other people.

Typically, I know it takes around 120 days or less to write, edit and publish one book, to both Kindle (digital) and CreateSpace (print on demand). This includes cover design, professional editing, formatting and uploading to the various platforms.

How do I know?

In case you hadn’t noticed, I do this for a living, it is my passion. I help others get their books written and published, in a way, which is simple and stress free. It is all about the process and of course your desire and dedication to write a book, which will build brand and reputation.

Trust the process

If you trust the process and acknowledge that, what you want to write a book about is, something you do pretty much every day, the process will be easy. Now all you have to do is, like me, replace rubbish time gobbling activities, with writing. What you get for your dedication is a fantastic brand-building book.

My advice

Say yes to writing a book, set a realistic deadline, find some writing time probably over a 30-day period (your first draft), and write a book to be proud of.

Your question must now be

…did you manage the task and why would you do this?

Later this week, I will reveal all, tell you what I did and whether I managed to publish ‘Plan your non-fiction book in a weekend’ to Kindle.

PS: When I was considering what I could write my book on, it occurred to me that it should be in the same vein as the write it in a weekend stuff.

Watch this space!

5 Replies to “Can you write a book in a weekend?”

  1. Well my thought is I can write a book in a weekend but probably now one I would be proud of or willing to sell on online. Like anything else it’s possible. But unlike you I don’t have the passion to write. And even when I do get in the writing grove the editing is murder. There are really 2 processes one is the writing part the second is to make it all make sense and the editing part. I wonder how many of those people who wrote a book in a weekend (that are not writers) have sold and significant number of books. Oh yea that’s another chapter isn’t it.

  2. Yes, 10,000 words in a weekend is possible. I’d add that it is beneficial to be thinking of the book for some time beforehand and to be writing notes. I’d also use (incorporate) blog entries–both posts that I wrote independently without much thought to how they would fit into something like a book and then posts that I wrote specifically to fit into a book. That attitude that you will be writing a book helps to focus your blog writing over time.

    One year, I had a longer book (35,000 words “The Photo Scribe / How to Write the Stories Behind Your Photos”) to write. I borrowed a vacation home from a friend and spent five days of solid writing. I had started the book beforehand and used the time to fill in the gaps and to edit the whole manuscript. The result was that I left with a manuscript that was ready to hand over to another editor and subsequently to publish (11,000 in print so far). I look back fondly to this week of writing and editing.

    Good blog, Jacqui.

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