Bread and butter for the writers soul

There are some essential items that we need to keep us going, food, water , love and a sense of belonging being just a few. Bread and butter for the writers soul is not about food, but more about feeding your writers soul the vital ingredients it needs to flourish.

There will be things in your life that you absolutely know, make you feel at one with you and the world.

For me they are, lying in bed or anywhere with my family around me. My family being with the bald one and our two dogs Ferdy and Marley. Walking in the countryside early in the morning as the sun is rising and the dew creeps up the dogs fur.

Sitting on terrace of our Spanish home watching the sun either waking up or going to sleep. In the morning with a cup of tea and the evening with a yummy wine. This I have to look forward to as we plan the next part of our Spanish adventure. This is often a conversation over dinner, always at the table, and usually accompanied by two patient pooches waiting for left overs.

Talking about dinner, what a wonderful way to catch up and share, to plan, dare and dream together. There are no lap rats in our house, we love being in the kitchen preparing, cooking, and chatting.

Fine tea, chilled white wine or Rioja. Notice I led in with my tea. Tea, not coffee and there are no compromises. As much as I love Aldi, Earl Grey from there is not the same as Twinnings for example. By far my current favourite is Ceylon – malty and smooth.

You can see it is the simple pleasures in life that feed me. Long gone are the days when I would crave new shoes and bags. My Imelda’s closet closed her doors many years ago. I admit to still adoring these things, but my practical walk in the mud tells me to harnesses my frivolousness.

Neither do I desire sitting in a fine restaurant, scoffing expensive steak and swilling the ‘recommended’ wine, always priced to cause an ouch, which lessens with every bottle consumed.

But I digress. What feeds my soul is being able to put pen to paper or fingers to keys and let my unconscious mind spill words. Words that help me to make sense of things and words which can help others to see things in different ways.

What nourishes me is helping others find the link to their passion, purpose and inspirational message and getting their work out there. Not any old writing, but writing that connects them to their reader and themselves at a deep level.

Without words, what I wonder would I do?

When it comes to penning your book, you have to feel that soul connection to your inspirational message, so much so that you couldn’t live a day without sharing. That may be a bit extreme, but ask yourself what drives you? What gives your life purpose? How can you, share what you have to a wider audience?

With your words of course.

Sure there are people who can find vacant niches to park a spare book in. These are the people who are driven by the status of ‘bestseller’ and not the alchemists who want to bring magic to their readers.

What I wonder is the alchemy that you want to bring?

If you were to put pen to paper today, what would feed your soul so that it becomes bread and butter for another to feast on?

4 Replies to “Bread and butter for the writers soul”

  1. The little pleasures in life are the best, not necessarily the ones that cost lots but just being able to relax and enjoy acuppa, watch the sunrise or sunset is the best remedy to get one self realxed and thinking.

  2. What feeds my soul for writing? Hmm, beautiful sense of time to ponder, relax and let the words flow through me. Seeing beauty from the windows (or amongst it if not raining), and a few breaks for Earl Grey xx

  3. I can’t help feeling a bit of synchronicity; my story cycle for the 2014 project I’m working on has as a theme (and umbrella title for all 12 stories) The Miracle of Small Things–and in essence is one man’s unintentional journey into the discovery of how the little things, the small pleasures, the tiny details, are what give life–our life, at least–meaning. Interesting that you mention that here, too 🙂

    Loved your blog.
    Guilie @ Quiet Laughter

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