DIY or use a book coach?

Should you invest in a book coach to help you to plan, write, edit, publish and market your first or next book?

The answer is it depends on you.

Some questions to ponder

  • Do you believe that you have the knowledge, skills and experience to do it?
  • Are you a good finisher?
  • How good are you at motivating yourself?
  • Do you find answers within yourself, by researching or by discussing with others?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed with all of your ideas, the content and how you are going to get it in order?
  • Are you clear about why you are writing a book and what steps to take?
  • Do you worry that no-one will read it?
  • Are you time poor?

There are many more questions I could ask that will tell me if you are serious and if you will get your book written, fundamentally you will be in one of these camps.

Who are you?

Jack – I’m ok Jack, I can turn my hand to anything, it is a sign of weakness to ask for help, so I am just going to keep going even if it looks and reads like a pile of pants when I have finished.

Patty Pants – Patty does things by the seat of her pants, she loves new ideas and flits from idea to idea, never really starting and never really finishing. She is forever telling you that when she writes her book blah blah

Suzy Success – Suzy fears both success and / or failure. If it never gets written and published she will never fail. If it does get written she feels so inwardly insecure that she will never promote it, as success will take her out of her comfort zone.

Edgar Ego – Edgar can’t see the point of a book, he is magnificent and always will be.

Ali Action – Ali has thought about her brand, she knows she needs a book as it will add something magical to her brand. She understands that the book wont make her a fortune, but the credibility and additional services that come from it will. She wants to share her inspirational message and she wants an expert to guide her.

In my experience those people who invest in a support package get their books written, published and marketed. The bottom line is writing a book is a business in itself and should be treated as such.

 Are you a DIY’er?

Look around your business, do you do all of your HR, tax, legal, accounting etc. yourself or do you use professionals to assist you?

When I work with people who only take part of a programme, such as a book discovery day, or a 2 day workshop, without follow on support, their book invariably does not ever see the light of day. They typically no longer have accountability, motivation or the know how to do it.

Investing in a book coach will ensure that, provided you put the work in, you will become a published author.

A book coach will:-

  • Help you to turn your passion, ideas and inspirational message into the book you’ve always wanted to write and others want to read.
  • Show you the the secrets to planning, writing and publishing a book that will be read, talked about and recommended to others.
  • Enable you to get crystal clear on the inspirational message and content of your book.
  • Keep you out of confusion or overwhelm.
  • Stop you writing the wrong book!
  • Ensure your book’s message is distinctive, different and reflects your voice and brand
  • Keep you focused on making time
  • Motivate, encourage and support you
  • Provide lots of resources and contacts for all of the other book related things that you don’t want to do

Words have the power to change lives, books can transform your life, career or business in wonderful ways. Books also change other people’s lives. Books are alchemic, book coaches help you to bring your magic to life.

Just imagine holding your book in your hands, selling it at conferences, or using it as the guide for your coaching and workshops. And watching those orders come in from Amazon.

11 Replies to “DIY or use a book coach?”

  1. Very interesting post. Your questions have really made me think about myself and the book I’m writing. I’ve not tried a book coach but it looks useful. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Well done Sophie. I am also writing a novel and to help me I have been on a 10 week course with an experienced novelist. Writing novels is very different to writing non-fiction and I really appreciated the support and inspiration.

  2. If I was a tennis player could I win Wimbledon without a coach? Same for a lot of things from singing, staying fit, business, so a book coach is a no-brainer really.
    Now who do I know that’s a fabulous book coach?? Ah yes, Jacqui Malpass.

    1. mmmm – me 🙂

      All joking aside we need support for so many things and it makes it so much simpler… Though that brings to mind a time when I has a squash coach – I was useless. One day I spun around and ended up with my skirt around my waist and showing off those horrible frilly sports pants!!! He did however improve my game.

    1. Lisa if you write blogs you could turn them into a book. I bet you are very creative, it’s just an over used word that makes people think of artists. The process of writing a blog is creative and turning it into a book is a process.

      Can I tempt you to try?

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