Finding the book in you

Everyone tells you that you have a book in you; the trouble is, you cannot see it or you do not think that anyone would want to read it. Or worse still you have been sketching it out for years, and nothing seems to resonate.

Sometimes what it takes is working with someone else who listens to you, and I mean hears what you are saying and gets what you are thinking. Someone who can pick up on the nuances in your body language and voice.

More importantly, asks you good questions and gives you space to make the connections.

Your book, the way it wants to be written and your inspirational message, is in you. It always has been in you; you have not acknowledged it yet.

Imagine how it would feel to know what this, your first or next book is about?

This is not a process I can share in a blog, not because I do not want to give away trade secrets. Far from it. I cannot give you 10 tops tips because for me, this is a unique and intuitive process. What I will share is this easy exercise and let you find your book.

What next?

When finding the book in you, you need to ask yourself how much do you want a book, one which will help you to share your inspirational message and build your brand?

Finding the book in you – click to download the PDF

8 Replies to “Finding the book in you”

    1. Maura

      This becomes before outlining and is designed to get your creative juices flowing. Once your unconscious mind knows it wants to write a book and what it is about – outlining becomes easier.

  1. Nice article and very cute video! My problem is that I think I’ll be short in terms of words. I always explain things in 3 or 4 words, whereas other people will talk about them four hours (which bores me :-)). But one day, I’ll write one book, I am sure!
    Thanks for the tip!

    1. All that means is you are a big picture person. I am not keen on too much detail either. I bet if you outline your book and undertake a knowledge audit (look out for K is for knowledge) you will find that you have plenty for a book. Also, why write a big book, do 20k – 30k words and it will be fab.

  2. Timing is key for me. While I knew the book I have wanted to write for a while, it is only now it feels right and is flowing. All is perfect in the end. X

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