Healing yourself and the world with your words

Listening to your heart and letting it speak is connecting to your inner wisdom, your spiritual self, intuition and insight. It is the part of you that truly knows you, but which may be hidden from you. When you are ungrounded and unbalanced your connection to you will waiver. It’s a little like tuning into a radio station, you need to fiddle with the dial until you get a clear and strong signal.

To get to the inner you, you need to switch off the noise in your head and feel your way through your body. Really connect to the heart and soul container that is the human system. Feeling is often difficult for many who naturally connect to their heads, to question what is going on. This is something that I have struggled with, but with time and practice is does get easier to travel inwards and see, sense, feel, and just know what is going on.

Trying to find balance in your life and business can sometimes be tough. To find balance you have to consider what goes into the mix and how each of those things might balance each other. In financial terms we balance debits and credits, which means that there could be lots of debits against one credit or vice versa, but either way the equation balances. The equation works because it is grounded in common sense.

Being balanced is being grounded. Being grounded is about feeling connected to you and having connection with the present, with the core of who you are and staying centred on what you do. When you are grounded and open to the universe you become a channel for universal energy to connect to.

Stop for a moment and feel where you are, what do you notice?

Being connected to the inner you, means that you are listening in an inattentive yet focused way to what your body, heart and soul needs. When this happens you allow yourself to become connected to everything and nothing and at the same time be open to ideas and imaginations.

This is a great time to put pen to paper and just write.

Being connected to the inner you is also about accepting and loving you, warts and all. When you learn to take responsibility for you and your feelings, you gain personal power.

When you have written and reflected, that’s when you discover the real you and what your message is, not only to you, for you, but for the world.

Your power is in holding yourself accountable for your choices and actions. Being grounded allows you to connect to the inner you, which means taking action and making choices. When you get feedback from your choices that helps you to improve what you do and how you do it.

If you can take the time out to heal yourself with your own words and reflections, imagine how you can use them to heal the world, with your inspiration message and book.

Start today, get a journal, put it beside your bed, write when it suits you. Write anything, just start. Keep a notebook with you at all times, notice what you notice and keep writing.

What do you need to heal? And how will that help you to heal the world?

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  1. I have journaled for years and have found it to be a wonderful way to find clarity in my thoughts. You are so right when you say our minds get jumbled. Getting thoughts out on paper is a wonderful step to sorting them out. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I love the way we can heal ourselves through just connecting with pen and journal in hand. Something I love to do, yet I do not often enough. Xx

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