Leaving your legacy with a book

Are you motivated enough to leave your legacy with a book?

It is human nature to push boundaries and to disrupt order. Consider how music has evolved or the way that the pill revolutionised sexual freedom. Take a look at the history books, listen to the news, or take in a blog or two and you have evidence of how every generation disrupts the patterns of the previous one.

But what of books? What of your book?

All good men and women must take responsibility to create legacies that will take the next generation to a level we could only imagine. ~ Jim Rohn

I work with many people in my age bracket – the over forties (loosely classified as baby boomers and generation X), who are writing books and blogs so that they can share their inspirational message, and leave a legacy. One of the things I adore how, in this digital age we can put our ideas out there so easily and be in control of how we do it. What I still love the most is that despite digital books making it quick and easy to publish, there is still nothing quite like the feel of your printed book in your hands.

When I was growing up the Internet as far as I was concerned didn’t exist, I consumed books, I devoured stories and created adventures under blankets thrown over the washing line or invented kingdoms in the woods.

Tell me, do you still consume and devour books and lose yourself in your imagination or are you wedded to your computer skimming content, searching for the next quick digital experience?

Digital gives almost instant satisfaction, you can create new content in minutes from the insight and comments left in long trails from blogs to videos. When I want to know how to do something quickly I go to YouTube. If I want some creative inspiration, I flick back and forth, quickly scanning information, never staying for long in any one spot. I read digital books, or should I say I skim them. I devour paperbacks.

The way that I get the most pleasure from books is still to hold them in my hand, feel the paper. smell the print and lose myself in well-crafted words.

Printed books unlike digital content, remain a multi sensory experience and despite taking up space, are for me a vital part of life. They are created from fire and passion and unlike digital ignition fuel are long burning and delicious.

But I digress.

If we are the people who are going to save the planet, then I for one want to encourage you to leave your legacy in a book – both print and digital. Who knows, the next generation might have found a way to make paper without killing trees. Or as in the program Revolution the electricity may be turned off and then what?

“If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead, either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

What has to motivate you to dig deep to discover your inspirational message and then believe that it is worth sharing? What has to happen for you to add your book to the Galactic Library for future generations to learn about you and your time?

Are you ready to discover your message and share it? Please call me if you are.

6 Replies to “Leaving your legacy with a book”

  1. Love books too. More so now as in the past I associated them with study text books so thick it was too overwhelming to open sometimes. Now I am on amazon almost daily.
    Writing my own has taken its time. Had the idea for a long while and only now have the words started to flow, and hope it will be a legacy.

  2. Love your thoughts Jacqui! There’s no better way of leaving a trail behind you, than writing your thoughts and sharing them with the world.Although I am partial to the published print media, more out of nostalgia of having buried my face is the musty smell of an old book for all the lovely experiences it painted for me 🙂

  3. You’re right about the ease with which writers can publish a book. But writing a novel takes skill, patience and editing. The problem with the new generation of writers is that they’re in too much of a rush and often neglect to learn their skill.

  4. Great article..!! Really motivational. I am working on an idea & want to present it in a non-fiction book. And I need your help to move forward.
    I’ve connected with you on google plus.

    Thank You,

    P.S. : Benjamin Franklin’s quote is just phenomenal..

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