Laugh at your writing to become a better writer

Why is it that we get so hung up on our writing, worrying over something like a first draft. Yet we do.

To me that you have even put pen to paper gets you brownie points. That you got to first draft is freaking awesome.

I remember my mum writing her first book ‘Only when I laugh’ – only available family members. I published it for her, wrapped it up and off it went as a birthday present. I foolishly said when she opened her gift with uber excitement ‘mum, it will be full of errors and you will want to change it as it’s only your first draft.’ The silence that whooshed it’s way down the phone and smacked me around the ear was deafening. She was upset. I hadn’t told her that first drafts are rubbish and that the magic is in the editing.  Later when she read it, she agreed and edited it. Whenever she writes a book now, I publish a draft, she laughs and then edits.

For many first time authors it is important to a) celebrate that you have written to first draft and b) laugh at it.

You are not laughing at you, you are laughing at the writing.  How dare it be so disgraceful.  Laughing will move the energy and make space for the magic.

Whatever happens, never give up. Laugh, sleep, scribble, make love, drink wine, write some more, preferably sober and enjoy the editing process.

Writing is magical, it will change you life and others, but first, ask your ego to let you be slightly less than perfect, so that you can grow with your work.

Here’s to writing and laughter

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  1. SO TRUE! I never considered myself a writer (I still don’t, really), but I can definitely laugh at myself! And when other’s laugh with me it makes me want to write more 😉

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