Open the gates of heaven and find your book

Discovering your inner alchemy, connecting to your purpose, building and creating a personal brand is breathtaking. It is probably one of the biggest undertakings of your life, because you have been doing it all of your life – you just didn’t realise it. From the moment you were born, when no one told you that you couldn’t, you just got out there and rocked. Naturally you were influenced by the people around you, some great mentors, others possibly well-intentioned but doing more harm than good and the rest, well, they shall remain unnamed.

If you wanted to wear pink trainers with an orange frock, you did. If you drew a picture, you would run around showing everyone, the same with your stories.

So what happened?

Life gets in the way of confidence and it’s as if people can smell that confidence or lack of it when they meet you. Look at dogs, they greet each other warily and do a lot of sniffing. Either one or both of their tails go up or then they decide who the top dog is. It is almost instantaneous. You can learn a lot of watching animals. My dog struts his stuff, rushes up to everyone for a tickle, he is uber confident that everyone will love him. What’s not to love, he is beautiful and fairly well mannered.

Sadly we lose our connection to our energy source which keeps the flame of confidence and courage burning somewhere along the way, for all kinds of reasons and that is ok, it is just part of our journey. At some point though you need to heed the fake it till you make it mantra, fight the fear, change your mindset and take control of how you want to be perceived and open the gates to heaven.

Knowing what you want, trusting the process, embracing your values, connecting to your passion and living your purpose, being proud about what your message represents to you and the wider world and then rocking it out – loud and proud (in a nice way) takes courage.

When you get what your personal brand is about and what lights up your eyes, you will want to find a way to share it, with grace.

Confidence and courage go hand in hand and together they will support you to not give in. It is important to know what being scared or fearful feels or looks like, acknowledging it exists and equally important to not submit to it – being courageous. Changing direction and creating a beautiful personal brand, where you share your message, can be a little scary – have faith, that all will be good and as it should be and call on your positive mindset – being confident.

Confidence is also believing and knowing that you are your best resource and asset. Confidence is acknowledging that you are scared, but trusting, believing and being certain about what you ‘put out there’ is great stuff. Stuff can be your website or blog, presentations, handling meetings, speaking at events, the way you conduct yourself online and offline and your book.

Trust in you and believe that you can open the gates to your heaven, where your beautiful book is waiting to be written.

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  1. It’s amazing how we have preconceived notions about what makes good writing and are hardest on ourselves. The inner critic must be silenced and like you say the gates of heaven opened, Jacqui!

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