Purposeful, passionate books change lives

Purpose like passion is something which many people feel eludes them. The big question of why am I here, what is this life all about is on a lot of people’s minds. The self-help industry is awash with books which are designed to tell you why you are here.

I believe that when you connect with your values, passion and vision, purpose becomes apparent.

Of course, no one really knows what the purpose of humans are. There is no manual for Earth that explains absolutely how we were created and why we are here. There is much speculation, many people have different theories and beliefs, but the bottom line is, there is no real evidence… yet.

My thoughts


Purpose means intention, for example you eat healthy food with the intention of nourishing yourself and preventing dis-ease. You use your eyes with the intended purpose of seeing things, possible looking out for beauty or danger, your hearts purpose is to pump blood amongst other things and with your ears you hear and listen. Products have a purpose, a pen’s purpose, for example is to enable you to write and communicate through the words you write. The pen is created with a purpose and the user of it uses it for a purpose.

Sense of purpose

Your values, passion and vision combined give you some aims and goals, something to drive you onwards. This sense of purpose is used to keep you heading in the right direction towards what you want – sharing your vision and message. Having a sense of purpose means that you are doing something that is meaningful to you. Your sense of purpose is inspirational, motivational and provides the drive you need to overcome anything that gets in your way.

Life purpose

Life purpose is what you are meant to experience in this life. These are your life’s lessons, the ups and downs, the ‘stuff’ you encounter on the way to discovering your message and the reason you are here. For me, given the lack of concrete facts, my belief system tells me that life purpose is the journey and the lessons we agreed to learn in this lifetime.

I believe that life purpose is based around themes, such as love, loss, happiness, tragedy, forgiveness, letting go, overcoming ego, wealth, debt and causes such as people, the planet, animals and poverty.

All of these lessons come in small bursts and will keep coming until the lesson is learnt. Think how tedious it is to keep on dating rubbish men or women or meeting other kinds of toxic people or feeling ill because of the processed food you shovel down your throat. Yet you will constantly be shown your lessons until you embrace and learn from them. These are often what purposeful authors will write about.

Common purpose

Common purpose is shared purpose and is where your tribe or soul group share your themes, causes and passions. Birds of a feather flock together.

Soul Purpose

Soul purpose is multi-faceted. I believe we are here to:-

  1. Experience human life
  2. Reconnect to why we are here
  3. Live a purposeful life
  4. Share our message
  5. Fulfill our destiny

Soul purpose is discovered not created and is your BIG WHY.

Purpose, sense of purpose, life purpose, common purpose and soul purpose are all about why. Each one is interrelated and builds on each other and gives us the inspiration to share our message through a book or blog.

Connect to your purpose and share your message

Purpose may appear out of tragedy or adversity, it may appear on holiday, or when you suddenly decide to pack it all in and head home, it may appear in a song or poem or you may consciously will it into being and most likely that it has been within you all of the time. When the time is right, you will know what your message is and be able to share it in the right way for you.

Books with purpose and filled with purpose and passion will change your life and that of the people you share them with. Increasingly I am being approached by people to help them to write books which contain powerful messages. Add your voice to the Galactic Library, who knows who you will serve today and what future generations will make of what you have to say?

5 Replies to “Purposeful, passionate books change lives”

  1. This post resonated with me. “my belief system tells me that life purpose is the journey and the lessons we agreed to learn in this lifetime” I also believe that. I also believe that opportunities for learning are presented again and again until the lesson is learned. Dropping by from UBC.

  2. Love this. What a fab explanation of purpose… When we keep chunking up so to speak, I see purpose as simply having a human experience. That does little to explain it though. Love having these conversations with you xx

  3. Wonderful post! Everything we do have a purpose. Without it, we don’t have a direction.

  4. The best explenation I ever read about Purpose – Thank you! And yes, it made it easy for me to finally embrace my purpose: I wante to plant a seed of consciousness into peoples hearts and being a speaker and writer about consciousness.
    Thank you for bringing more clearity to me through your words!

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