Quirky bird needs your help

I need your help, and I need to clarify my thoughts. It’s the early hours of the morning and when I woke my mind immediately leapt to the news I received about a friend and fellow writer. For the purpose of confidentiality, I am going to keep everyone’s names out of this – for now.

Asking for help has been a toughie for me. I come from the school of ‘I can sort this out myself.’ It hasn’t been until recent times that I have stepped out of my comfort zone and said this is what I need, and this is how you can help me. It works, trust me. Thank you to my dear friends who have supported me.

I digress.

You will know if you read my blog that I am a writer, brand strategist and book coach, that’s if you want to put some labels on me.

I am more than that; my passion is to connect with and help humanity meet and greet their soul purpose and to share their inspirational message.

once in a lifetime

Some years ago, before I gave  up two years of my life to look after my partners mother, I was an associate with a large training company. It took me the best part of six months to jump through their hoops to become a trainer for them. I was told at one of the interviews ‘you are too creative, we would love to have you if you could be more corporate.’ You have to laugh – too creative!!!

I was given assertiveness as my first course. Followed by knowledge management. When I was audited for the KM course, I met a very lovely gentleman called R, who had written this programme. I loved it and delivering KM was a ‘creative’ joy. Later I was invited to audit for an executive leadership programme, if the truth be told the idea of doing something so ‘corporate’ put me off. From the outer reaches of the galaxy, I felt called and compelled to ‘go through with it.’ I met and was audited by the delightful J. She and I delivered it our way (creatively, yet corporate) – I loved it and adored working with her, another friendship was struck. It was written by the very wonderful C – whom I have never met as he resides in the US, and we are UK based.

Both the KM and the EL courses got dropped along with many other courses and trainers as the leadership changed, and they had other ideas about the companies direction. They introduced the rule of three – you could only train if you had three courses to deliver. Ha, what a bummer, I now had only one. I was gutted, only in that every couple of months I got a respite from her at home and I wanted to continue working with J and R.

Birthing of our book

Time pitter pattered along and C, J, R and I decided to birth a book. On top of everything else and my own book projects, this was a big ask. I knew in my heart that this was something I must do and wanted to do, as these are inspirational people and a delight to collaborate with. I have only met C on Skype he is very funny, has warmth and is super passionate about many things, one of which is this book. When I wobbled over the book last summer, they all supported me and helped me get back on track. Phew thank goodness they did.

If you are still reading – thank you. This is a kind of journal and my big ask.

The book is well on its way, we have worked hard and in partnership to write it – we are an amazing team. Final edits are happening and soon it will be born.

And that is fabulous.

C’s news

Before I heard the news yesterday, we had planned to self-publish and self-promote, using our network to help us launch and find speaking opportunities.

When you get bad news, it galvanises you. The news was that C has only a few years to live (and no it is not cancer). He has had a pacemaker fitted to help with the degeneration around his heart and soon starts what sounds like radical and perverse treatment to give him some more time. Not only this, he recently built his dream house for him and his wife to eventually retire in. Because of some dreadful weather, this has not gone smoothly – this is an understatement, believe me. He is now faced with trying to complete the house and relocate so that when he is gone, his wife is not living on her own in a remote location. Double whammy!

So let me get to my point and thank you for sticking with me.

What if we, you, me and the world could give C  the following:-

  • A publishing contract (the book is non-fiction)
  • Speaking opportunities – paid to support him
  • A chance to speak at Google at one of their ‘Talks at Google’
  • Opportunities to work with some amazing companies, like Apple
  • Consultancy based on the book, which he could do at home, thus preserving his energy, and using his talent

What if we could give C something wonderful so that his last years, pray that there are many, are the best yet, and when he does eventually emigrate to heaven, he leaves his incredible legacy for us to enjoy. What if we could?

I have an ask for me. I have never met C and given my last two years on a vastly reduced income, currently I cannot see how I can get to the US to meet him, though J has told me that there will be a way. I am considering crowd funding.

What if I could be with C, J and R for a book launch in the US in early September. What if?

Whom do you know who could help J, R and I give C a present from all of our hearts and souls?

Thank you for reading. I doubt I will go back to bed; my mind is racing. It does when you feel helpless yet able to reach out and ask for help.

Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything – all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure – these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Steve Jobs

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  1. I’ve been up all night too with my mind hijacked with certain troubles… I feel for you Hun and will do what I can to help of course. Sending love to C J R and J and trust you will find a way xxx

  2. My dad lived for 14 years with a pacemaker. Thank goodness for pacemakers. Wishing your friend C all the very best. Dropping by from UBC.

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