Rock your brand with a book

If fear of rejection is holding you back from writing a book, digital platforms like Amazons CreateSpace and Kindle Digital Publishing could be just what you are looking for.

The world of publishing is changing, years ago if you wanted to publish you would have to find a publisher to help you through the process, these days you control it. With Kindle and other e-book readers your readers can access your books simply and easily, no more waiting for the postman – just click and buy. Kindle, other e-book platforms and print on demand have revolutionised the world of publishing, enabling hundreds of thousands of people, just like you, to realise their dreams and be in control of their publishing future.

Do you have a book inside of you bursting to escape?

Stop for a moment and look at you and your business, maybe you are selling something, like coaching or consultancy services, which is essentially you and your intellectual property. How many times have you thought I need to find some way to package what I do and have to say in another way? What do you want to be remembered for?

What legacy you want to leave behind, a footprint of your values, passion, vision and purpose, which could influence a part of someone else’s life, at some level?

Writing and publishing a book based on your purpose and message is a brilliant way to leave a legacy and rock your personal brand.

Becoming a published author is life changing

A book gives you the opportunity to share your message in a way that is unlike any other. Not only will you go through a personal transformation as you transition from writer to author, you will gain all the business benefits from showcasing your values, passion, vision, skills, knowledge, experiences and purpose. As a published author, you will be seen in a different light and your sense of purpose will be cemented. As the subject matter expert, you will become the go to person for insights about your area of expertise.

As you write, you will continue to change and learn more about yourself. As you put energy into your writing, your creativity and message will flow. Writing gives birth to ideas, enables you to tell your story and connect with your readers (people we want to attract) in a way that extends beyond traditional marketing and personal branding.

A book, which is inspired by your purpose, will be easier and more fun to write and publish. By organising your thoughts into a book, you now have another chance to examine what you, your business and your personal brand stand for. Imagine the immense pleasure that you will experience as you go through the writing process, seeing your book in print and subsequently holding it in your hand. Imagine that feeling now, lift your book to your nose and sniff. That’s the smell of author success.

Next, imagine your perfect prospect, aka your reader, visiting your website to pre-qualify you and there they discover your book. The title and the book cover speak volumes about you and your brand, at that moment. That alone will motivate them to explore further.

Reality check

But before you rush off to pen your bestselling purpose led, brand building, rock it out there non-fiction book, let’s take a reality check.

A book is part of your overall personal branding strategy, it is not the strategy. When working with my clients, the conversation is about the vision for their personal brand and business and then considering how their book will help to bring that alive.

Authors rarely make money from books alone. The key is to see your book as a product and not a creative outlet and to visualise how it can help you to open up opportunities. If one of your objectives is to become an after dinner speaker, your book could lead the way to your first engagement.

Chicken Soup for the Soul is much more than ‘just’ a series of books. The creators turned their speaking careers into books and then built a personal development community around them. Over 122 million copies of the books have been sold and now they are greetings cards, flowers and even pet food.

Many authors don’t usually rely on book sales as a source of income, preferring instead, to give away copies of their books at events. They use the books as marketing tools to bring in other benefits and income. They invest in producing the best possible book, with the intention of exploiting that book to create business opportunities, which bring in additional income.

How might you rock your brand with a book?

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