Spaceship of my mind

After an evening of talking all things esoteric with a new writers group, I came home full of intention to write a blog about soul purpose and inspirational message. Yet my mind and fingers took off in an altogether different direction, potentially another dimension. And I will admit to being very tired. However, a challenge is a challenge and I must blog.

All in all not really that silly when you consider the following:-

  • To write you need space, not only space in your head, but space around you, space to think and space to express
  • A spaceship is a craft, writing is a craft and space ships you to the furthest galaxies of your mind, where you can tune into to the words that will help you to craft your book
  • Spaceships enable us to travel between moons and planets. The spaceship of your mind takes you on a adventure from thought to thought

That’s it.

PS don’t Google spaceship of my mind, you’ll get some really weird stuff.

PPS tomorrow I will be back on Earth for a more sensible blog

6 Replies to “Spaceship of my mind”

  1. You did write and that is what matters. The imagination is a spaceship that travels between planets, and even between universes. I enjoy reading novels of alternate history and you can’t write in that genre without a great deal of imagination. Of course, I had to run right to Google to google what I wasn’t supposed to google – and you are right, it’s weird.

  2. Spaceships allow you to travel to places you could never reach otherwise. So boldly go where no man has been before ….. To the endless potential of your creativity xxx

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