Wait, reflect and sleep your way to a better book

Every act of creation is first an act of destruction. ” Pablo Picasso

Picasso, born Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Crispiniano de la Santísima Trinidad on the 25th October 1881 simplified his name to Pablo Picasso going on to become one of the worlds most famous artists. His life and over 22,000 pieces of art moved through many periods depicting his emotions, obsessions and state of mind, constantly changing styles and types of media. Like many great artists, his work started as simple sketches before he realised his final masterpiece.

My advice is simple. A book is your masterpiece; you must write, wait, reflect and sleep on what you have written many times before you share it with the world.

I have made many mistakes rushing to publish and in doing that learned some valuable lessons. A book, I have come to discover, is a labour of love and when it comes from the heart it will take time.

Write your first draft and wait at least seven days before you read it through. When you do, just read and then leave it. Make sure you sleep on it. Follow this pattern of read, reflect and sleep over a period that feels right for you. Amend what you will, if you have to.

When you are ready, brutally edit and then – wait, reflect and sleep

Picasso is right, you must destruct your first draft to create your masterpiece.

A word of caution, at some point, you must publish. Set a realistic date and go for it.

Happy writing.



4 Replies to “Wait, reflect and sleep your way to a better book”

  1. How many years should I wait? Got five draft novels none edited properly and they all have tons to be done to them.. Maybe I’m an artist instead. Picasso did 22,000 pieces of art, really? Wow! How many was that a week?

    1. Lynne don’t think, pick one right now. Good got that one in your mind.

      Now head over to CreateSpace and create a proof book – just make up a cover and upload it. When you get it back, read as a book, share with trusted friends and ask them to review. And then get on with publishing your first book.

      Have faith – you can do this. <3

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