Love letters to you #lovemelovenotes

This post is dedicated to Natasha Black who is truly beautiful and inspirational. I was nosing though my Facebook friends when I spotted #lovemelovenotes, which she had created.

As a writer who believes that writing heals, I was blown away by such a simple, yet powerful way to start your day and to remind you, to love you.

Last night I slid into bed, tired from a day of editing and formatting, within a second I was back out, asking ‘ what would I like to say to myself in the morning?’. Note written I headed back to bed.

Lying here, I have to tell you, I can’t remember what I wrote. I know mad! However, I am excited to find out.

Can you join in?

Hell yeah!

Here’s what Natasha says:-

  1. Write a note to you before you go to bed
  2. Put it somewhere you can find it
  3. When you wake, read and remind yourself why you love you (and others)
  4. Post on Facebook and your other social sites and use #lovemelovenotes to share with the lovemelovenotes community.

Thank you Natasha – I love you (and me).

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  1. What a great idea – something to make you smile at the start of every day. I think I’ll put them on my computer keyboard for when I start work every morning 🙂

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