Xipe Totec and the rebirth of the authentic author

As the snake sheds its skin, or the butterfly emerges from its chrysalis, you the authentic writer will emerge if you connect to your soul purpose and write from the heart.

Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness. Allen Ginsberg

Listening to your heart and letting it speak is connecting to your inner wisdom, your spiritual self, intuition, and insight. It is the part of you that truly knows you, but which may be hidden from you. When you are ungrounded and unbalanced your connection to you will waiver; it’s a little like tuning into a radio station; you need to fiddle with the dial until you get a clear, strong signal.

Who was Xipe Totec?
Xipe Totec was an important symbol of fertility, war and the coming of age of young warriors. The human skin that the god’s impersonator, otherwise known as an ‘ixiptla’ (live image), wore for twenty days during the spring festival of Tlacaxipeualiztli (March), was finally discarded during the period of Tozoztontli Xochimanaloya (April). This gesture signifies the shedding of the earth’s dry old skin in exchange for a new, verdant one that the rains would soon let flourish.

To get to the inner you, you need to switch off the noise in your head and feel your way through your body. Connect to your heart and soul; make your way around the container that is the human system. Feeling is often difficult for many who naturally connect to their heads, to question what is going on. This is something that I have struggled with, but with time and practice is does get easier to travel inwards and see, sense, feel, and just know what is going on.

The outer wrapper, your human skin, is what people see, and when you are in tune with you, that shines. To make it shiny takes time. So when you can find balance, which I believe comes through many things, one of which is writing and baring your soul to the paper, you can become grounded.

Being grounded is about feeling connected to you and having connection with the present, with the core of who you are and staying centred on what you do. When you are grounded and open to the universe, you become a channel for universal energy to connect to.

Stop for a moment and feel where you are, what do you notice?

Being connected to the inner you, means that you are listening in an inattentive yet focused way to what your heart and soul needs. When this happens, you allow yourself to become connected to everything and nothing and at the same time be open to intuition, ideas and imaginations.

When you write intuitively, you produce rich, delicious writing that your readers want to savour. You want them to lose themselves in your words and become a part of your world, to see a rainbow and help them to manifest their own pot of gold.

When everything comes together, it is like Xipe Totec shedding his human skin and being re birthed.

Stop for a moment and look at you and your business, maybe you are selling something, like coaching or consultancy services, which is essentially you and your intellectual property. How many times have you thought I need to find some way to package what I do and have to say in another way? What will you want to be remembered for? What legacy do you want to leave behind, a footprint of your values, passion, vision, and purpose, which could influence a part of someone else’s life, at some level?

Writing and publishing a book based on your purpose and message is a brilliant way to leave a legacy, share your authentic voice, and build your personal brand.

Becoming a published author is life changing. A book gives you the opportunity to share your message in a way that is unlike any other. Not only will you go through a personal transformation as you transition from writer to author, you will gain all the business benefits from showcasing your values, passion, vision, skills, knowledge, experiences and purpose. As a published author, you will be seen in a different light, and your sense of purpose will be cemented. As the subject matter expert, you will become the go-to person for insights about your area of expertise.

Imagine if like Xipe Totec you could emerge from your shell and shared your authentic voice and message – what would that be like?




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  1. Hi Jacqui,
    It sounds simple doesn’t it, writing from yourself, and it *is* simple – once you get used to it!
    It can be scary at first, but once that barrier is broken it leads to the kind of relationship with readers that really works, because it’s unique and genuine. Great reminder!

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