Yesterdays make great books

I hated school, which on reflection was because school was not geared up for people like me, with a relentless thirst for knowledge, presented in an interesting way. Large classes, dull curriculum and herding sheep (or should that be lambs) through the education dip. At least to me, it was boring. I was reflecting this morning on what did excite me when I paid attention, and it was:-

  • Art – where I could just be and express myself however I wanted to
  • Maths – because it challenge me to think and there was a process to the solution
  • English Lit – only when I could read a part and become fully immersed in the story
  • English Language – writing stories – I couldn’t care less about the technical stuff (that comes back to bit you on the bum, doesn’t it)
  • Languages – because its all about words and communication
  • Science – because it was about life and possibilities

It’s too late for me to reminisce about school, I got expelled and so started an altogether different journey. So, yeah I ended up with a mass of qualifications later on, but these are not what define me. It’s the other stuff, the really tough stuff that make me what I am.

It’s the hard stuff that create yesterdays, that enable you and me to write great books. We have experience, we have lived. That’s not to say that there are no young people with great stories and books, but generally, it’s us older and sometimes not so wise ones who can ‘speak from experience.’

This experience to my mind needs to be shared. I want to create a Galactic Library, where all of the learning is stored to help those that follow understand the follies and adventures of the ‘ones that came before’. To be able to understand why we did what we did, how we grew as people and how we played our part to make this a better world.

Now is not the time to stop and stare, Put pen to paper and share, share, share…

If you could change the world with your words, what follies, adventures and tough stuff might you share? How about starting to map out your book?

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