Chapter titles – sensible or silly?

There are two schools of thought about chapter titles, one they can be whatever you want and as whacky as you like or they convey what the chapter is about using relevant keywords. With the advent of digital books, keywords are important for your readers to navigate their way to content.

Developing chapter titles starts your creative juices flowing and engages your brain to start making connections between chapters and considering how they flow into each other.  They can be serious or funny, and where possible contain action words like changing, controlling, improving, motivating, achieving.  The key is on your initial attempt, to just write the first thing that comes into your head, once you have done some more planning and writing, come back and re craft them.

Imagine that we are writing a book on the dieting industry. Your working title might be:

Six weeks to a new you. – What the dieting industry doesn’t tell you. (sub title)

Chapter one of your book on dieting could be a review of the dieting industry and might be called:-

The dieting industry, a review.

Or it could be called:-

My affair with the diet, learn how my mistakes could save your life.

The second title has much more impact and promise of what’s to come.  The key thing is get something written and remember perfection kills creativity.

Please share your views on chapter titles – sensible or silly?

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