What’s your story ‘morning glory’?

I make no apologies for the irreverent nature of todays blog. Thoughts of all kinds interrupt our minds, unbidden and at the oddest times.

This morning I was reading the Signature of all things by Elizabeth Gilbert and had reached a certain part, where our heroine did something she had been yearning to do for years. I wont spoil the story and reveal all. However, despite having become quite addicted to this book, I was also growing weary of the tale. Closing my eyes, I hoped for some more sleep. Yesterday my dogs knocked me over in the rambla and feeling not to grand I had headed to bed at 8pm. After a fitful nights sleep, interspersed with hot chocolate and said book, I lay there aching and tired, whilst my two angels slumbered next to me, my mind quiet, when all of a sudden…

An image from the scene in the book rose quite literally just behind my eyes and the words ‘morning glory’ popped into my head. From there my thoughts transitioned effortlessly to writing. Yeah no wild lusty scenes for me!

It occurred to me from betwixt the mysterious wandering of my ‘maginations’ that, like the morning glory penetrating deep into my thoughts, our writing often needs some gentle coaxing.

Writing goes limp when it is not being paid attention. It pulsates with blood when you tease and coax a litany of words from core of your being. And when inspiration floods you, your soul gushes forth with the froth of your imagination, until the last crashing wave of words caresses the page and you are spent.

Without desire, passion, purpose and action your book will remain a limp dick.

Stop for a moment, stand back and become a witness of your life and business. Maybe you are selling something, like coaching or consultancy services, which is essentially you and your intellectual property. How many times have you thought I need to find some way to package what I do and have and deliver it in another way? What do you want to be remembered for? What legacy will you leave behind?

If you want to leave the footprints of your heart and soul, get your hand moving.

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  1. Beautifully written. And it matches my thoughts, which flit around by the millisecond until I am inspired by something to ‘get on with it’, whatever ‘it’ is.

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