7 Reasons why you need a writing buddy

Need some writing inspiration?  Get a writing buddy

Ok I get that you may not want to share your writing with anyone else, but…. let me share some great reasons why it works and will work for you. First of all get rid of your ‘fear’, remember false evidence appearing real, you do not have a crystal ball and you do not know what someone else will think. AND remember all feedback is ‘the breakfast of champions’.  Listen to what is really being said with an open heart and you will learn a lot, I promise.

  1. Having someone to write with can be lots of fun. Mum and I have what we call write offs.  We pick a subject and just write.  Usually we do what we laughing call poetry.  We don’t care we enjoy it
  2. Having a buddy builds your trust and faith in your writing. Mum and I also chat to each other about our writing, because we have absolute trust in each other, we can discuss our hopes, fears, plot lines and motivation
  3. Someone else can see the lack of flow and inconsistencies. We get too close to our writing and it all looks great – get over it, no it doesn’t because we get word blindness
  4. Other people can come up with ideas that we never even thought of – thank you so much, this is one of my faves
  5. You get asked good questions, which gives you an opportunity to reflect – and improve your copy
  6. You will get a better idea of what your reader really wants – remember it’s all about the reader not you
  7. You get an opportunity to help someone else become a better write – awesome – collaboration and sharing is beautiful

Your action plan – finding a writing buddy

  • Who do know that you could share your writing with?
  • Ask them to be your writing buddy
  • Meet up for coffee or wine
  • Pick a subject and write
  • Agree how feedback will be given
  • Celebrate

My last request is that you accept with grace what your buddy tells you, they are not criticizing you, they are offering constructive criticism and so are you. Give and receive with love and an open heart.

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