Using biscuit power to keep you motivated and on track with your book

As a coach, I get to hear all kinds of excuses about why you haven’t written a chapter, or edited to second draft or…

I get it, I honestly do. I get it because I can procrastinate along with the best.

I am what you might call a catalyst, people and ideas fill me with energy. The value I bring is in my enthusiastic approach and ability to generate ideas with a new perspective which produce tangible results. And like any catalyst I inspire action. My creative spirit is not overly keen on repetitive, linear tasks, though I adore creating processes which make life easier for others.

If forced to adhere to a rigid set of rules, I can become bored and distracted.

So the best place to use me is for brainstorming and getting things started, where imagination and out-of-the-box thinking is needed. People, building relationships and seeing things from a multitude of perspectives are part of what keeps my heart beating. When people come together with a shared message that needs communicating with energy, you will find me in the middle of the thrall – getting involved and encouraging others to become part of the team. Passion and innovation are two key words which drive me and enable me to thrive.

Go back and re read that last part, that is how I work best. But let me tell you when I have to get things done, finished, completed, I do – and it is painful.

One of my neighbours was laughing at me, because to get my dogs back to me on a walk, they ignore to the best of their ability their names and always come back to ‘biscuit.’ Why is pretty obvious – it is a reward. They come, sit and wait for their leads to go on, give me a paw on the paw command and then they get a biscuit, before dragging me up the hill – my reward.

What you need to do to stay on track is

  • Get over yourself and your excuses (sorry no more Ms nice girl)
  • Discover what your planning, writing and editing process or methodology is – how do you get things done?
  • Understand what your learning style and preferences are – why do you work the way that you do?
  • Flex your style- the person with the greatest flexibility will achieve their outcomes
  • Set some well-formed outcomes – what is the best result you want?
  • Create a system of rewards (my dogs will eat any biscuits, so no recommendations, I am afraid)
  • Put off what does not need to be done – also known as ‘that which distracts you’
  • Get someone to hold you accountable (promotion…. link to my coaching packages, sorry couldn’t resist)
  • Recognise that if none of the above is working for you – you are writing the wrong book and you do not want the rewards that your brilliant book will do for your personal brand.

Still procrastinating????

What about you, what are you tips For staying motivated and on track with your book or your blog?

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