Looking for inspiration? Go dancing naked in the rain

Writers rambles – getting outside to inspire your words

When you are feeling out of words and in need of some writing inspiration, get off your butt and get outside. There is nothing quite like it.

So many people stay stuffed up in air conditioned offices or homes, where you are forcing your body to breath in stale air. Just imagine that stale air cascading around your system creating stale thoughts. No wonder your writing feels stuck and stuffy.

Fresh air, the stuff that is outside and away from the roads, clears your mind and increases your energy levels. After you have been out and sucked in a huge lungful of natures juice, your concentration will zoom and you will come back to your writing raring to go.

Another great benefit of fresh are is that it alters the serotonin levels in your brain, helping you to feel happier. With all that serotonin rushing around you just might feel tempted to dance naked in the rain, to lighten your mood even more. Imagine feeling refreshed, relaxed and happy when you get back to putting pen to paper.

Caution: If you do decide to follow my advice and dance naked, please choose your dancing destination wisely.



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