Halloween, fairy dust and your book

Halloween is a time say goodbye to summer, prepare for winter and to remember dead, saints and other martyrs. It (possibly) has Pagan roots and has connections with Samhain, one of the most celebrated Pagan festivals. According to some, Samhain and Halloween are the same, simply dressed up (sic) in different ways. Samhain is a great time to think of kicking out the old and bringing in the new.

On the eve of the New Year (for witches), consider what spells you could cast, that would help you to focus your energies on creating the book of your life. Or at the very least the essential skills and inspirational message that you want to impart to your followers.

Ask the fairies to bring some mischief into your life, stir your intentions and help you to connect to the deepest parts of you. When you go to sleep on All Hallows Eve, sprinkle some fairy dust, ask for help and in the morning be ready with your pen.

New Year new habits

Knowing that it’s a great time for you to start a different kind of New Years resolution, what might you do to kick start your book project?

This is a wonderful time to look to the future and consider how, what you know could be used to help others to kick-start their lives. By sharing your knowledge or life story, it lives on – which is part of what All Hallows day is all about – remembering the dead. That’s not to say that your work is dead, simply to say that unless you get it out of your head and share it, it might as well be. And if you do get it out, it can be remembered and used long after you have popped back to the soul place. Your piece of immortality.

Create writing rituals

Now that you have decided, New Year, new book, it’s time to think how will you get it written. For me, I like rituals. Processes that make my writing life easier. Rituals from getting my environment right, how I write, how I edit, how I might publish and all of the things in between that are designed to make my writing life simpler and stress free.

Take and use this opportunity

Personally I never make New Year (Jan 1st) resolutions, it feels commercialised and a waste of time. Because I know that ‘everyone’ is setting goals, I want to rebel and say sod it. What better way then, to use this opportunity to celebrate the cycle of death (the old you who can’t be bothered) and rebirth (the new you that feels motivated). This is a wonderful time to connect with you and honour what you have to offer the world through your words.

What will you write?

When I ended my marriage earlier this year, I made a promise to myself that I would, once my writers retreat was completed write my first novel. This marks a time for me to wrap up the old and prepare for the new in my life. I have in actual fact been sorting stuff out for the past few months, but now I feel a sense of excitement, knowing that I can have fun, write and pave a new way forward.

Who is with me? I start writing on Nov 9th.

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