Life purpose and realising your book

I don’t really know what came before or what comes after this life. I have a strong belief, that we contracted to this life way before we set foot on Earth for this lifetime. This helps me to keep me grounded, to realise that all that happens, does for a reason. I truly believe that there is some purpose to all of this. This is life is an adventure.

What if for a moment we allowed ourselves the luxury of knowing why we are here.

Before we come to inhabit our host body, our soul gets to choose what they are going to do. Imagine you (in spirit form) sitting at a big computer in your soul office at the Soul Place, skimming the options. After you created your unique combination of life’s lessons, you pop over to the soul tube and wham you are in amniotic fluid and waiting to be birthed.

At which point your memory is wiped, you are in the body space and its time to work out the meaning of life.

“You came from nothing and you’ll go back to nothing. So what you´ve lost … Nothing.” (Life of Brian)

So with nothing to lose, let’s enjoy the ride and share our lessons

Here on Earth, you can’t remember your life purpose, there’s a limited amount of time before the body you’ve been given expires. Although you did choose that too, and the time of your death.

Life purpose is living life on purpose, doing every day what you love and making sure that before you expire, you have a ball in whatever way that you can. Sure some of it is crap, but that is behind you. Draw a line in the sand, put the rubbish stuff in a bin bag and put it out for the bin man (bin = trash). The past is for reference, not a place to dwell and when you get back to the Soul Place and you watch back your ‘this life’ movies, laugh at your antics, cringe because of how long it took to learn your lessons. I am sure all of your spirit buddies will have done some cringe worthy things too.

Imagine that you are looking back at your life and wondering what if you had published a book, what then? Would things be different? Possibly. One thing is for sure, you would have shared the unique story that is you. You could have shared your gift of wisdom for mankind. Sounds far fetched, but it isn’t. I believe that all of us have an opportunity to write a book for the galactic library.

If you believe in reincarnation, then you could one day be reading your book and very glad that you wrote it.

Realising your book

Back in the Soul Place and you are waiting to catch the tube to Earth, you need to find a way so that your soul group that you belong to, can instantly recognize you. You program in your personal brand and your inspirational message.

One last look to make sure you have your life purpose, the journey mapped out – the meaning of your life, your personal brand and inspirational message – your soul group identity so your mates can find you and its off for the adventure of a life time. Sunglasses, sun cream and a good book, you are off!

Now that you know that the book you have to write is already inside of you, what’s stopping you from writing it?

Despite the silliness of this blog, there is a serious message. We don’t really know what came before or what comes after, all we know is now. I know from the countless people that I meet, that they all have fantastic books inside of them. My hope is that you too realise that you do and that you put pen to paper.

See you back at the Soul Place, the party’s at mine, bring your stories and hold onto your bellies, I think we may we laughing a lot!

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