Pre planning your business book, questions to ask

Got a book to write and don’t know where to start? Start with some pre-planning.

Here are a range of questions which are designed to get you thinking about your business book plan.

  1. Without thinking what is the book title?
  2. What is is about?
  3. Why are you writing the book?
  4. What will it do for your business?
  5. What will it do for you?
  6. Why would anyone read it, what do they get out of it?
  7. What does your reader learn?
  8. What research do you need to do?  Who can help you? How will you do your research?
  9. Which customers can you ask to be case studies?  What benefits did they get from your work or ideas? What innovations did they implement?
  10. What photos or illustrations do you need? How will you get them?
  11. How will you test your plans or theories?
  12. Thinking about the flow of your book, list each of the chapters?
  13. Now you have the chapter list, what will each chapter cover (be brief)?
  14. Who has the data, information and knowledge to make this book possible?
  15. What makes you (or your colleagues, or your business) an expert in this area?
  16. What makes the book stand out from it’s competitors?
  17. If you could visualise your book on the bookshelves, which other books would it nestle alongside?
  18. Someone walks to the area of the bookshop which sells your kind of book, describe the person, let your imagination run wild.
  19. You’ve decided to use your book to promote your business, how will this book help?
  20. What is your marketing strategy for this book?  What is the cost? Who will do the marketing?

Yes lots of questions.  Just take your time, brainstorm or journal over a week or so, you will be really pleased that you stopped to think.

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