Writing your book – one chunk at a time

Writing a book may seem a creative endeavour, however, to get to the writing bit you have to plan it and to get to the publishing bit you have to edit it.

The first thing to consider is how to make any ‘task’ easier.


We naturally chunk information up, down or laterally so that we can make sense of it. Some of us by the nature of how we learn, like to have a big picture before tackling the detail, whilst others hate the big picture and wants lots of detail.

The chunks of writing your book

  • Planning
  • Writing
  • Editing

The planning chunk

Here you are looking at creating an outline. An outline by it’s very nature is a long list of stuff that makes up your book, broken into smaller pieces, which makes it easier for you to write.

The writing chunk

Using a chapter framework means that each chapter is sub divided into into sections, which guess what make it easier to write.

The editing chunk

In this chunk you create a editing plan which gives you smaller tasks to do.

Perfecting for your reader chunk (also editing)

Also in the editing phase, you are looking at how you can chunk your writing (up, down and across), so that you can connect to your reader.

When your reader is searching for meaning in your words they will chunk up, chunk down and chunk laterally.

  • Chunked up        where it becomes more vague and big picture.
  • Chunked down   where it becomes more specific and detailed.
  • Chunk laterally   Move across to find other examples (metaphor, analogy).

By chunking up you can distract the conscious mind and speak directly to the unconscious mind. Your unconscious mind has all of the answers just waiting to be unlocked. So if your book is designed to get your reader thinking and reflecting this is a good technique to employ.

Back to you…

So before you charge off to write a book and think that all you have to do is put your fingers on the keyboard and write. Stop!!! There is a bit more to it than that.

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