Writing a book online and blending it with other approaches

One of the challenges I come across in my book coaching business is how to provide different ways to deliver my content.

One way is providing a blended solution, which allows you the writer to take a bit from everything on offer and use it to your best advantage.

I wonder how often you have stopped to consider how you actually learn. Learning is something that we all take for granted. From the moment of conception we have been learning. Every step we have taken in our learning journey is stored in our memory banks, waiting to be called upon as the need arises. Once you have learnt something, you cannot unlearn it. Ok you may forget temporarily, but it is still coded and available for use.

There are many theories about how people learn and types of learner, I put myself into the category of an activist; which means that I like to learn by doing. I can learn by myself or with others, however, I learn better by watching and discussing with other people, so workshops always get a thumbs up. Online learning has surprisingly become a favourite of mine, the beauty of being able to pick something up as and when, is helpful and empowering. I adore books and get lots of information in that way.

For me to get something done it needs to be chunked in such a way, that I can digest it and then take action. That is I do, learn, try, reflect, get feedback and try again. It works for me. What about you?

Take a moment to consider how you like to learn, what process you might go through.

It’s a recipe

Think of it like a recipe. What are the key ingredients and the steps you take to bake that perfect cake? Or in this case write the right book for you, right now.

Blended learning is a set of ingredients which go to make up your perfect cake. You don’t have to select all of the available component parts, just the ones that work for you.

Imagine these two recipes:-


1 writers retreat

6 coaching sessions

4 Google hangouts


Writing a book online programme

8 coaching sessions

1 workshop

These are examples of different ways to achieve the required objectives – get your book written and published.

The implications of adopting blended learning are that:-

  • Your budget is optimized as you are not wasting money, shoe horning yourself into programmes that don’t engage you
  • When you are engaged you will take action
  • If you lack the confidence to join in workshops, you can use other methods to help you get your book written – use an online programme

What I now have is a variety of ways to help my authors get their books written. Instead of telling 10 people the same thing, I can now send over a link to the online programme and it can be viewed when it is convenient.

If online learning leaves you cold, imagine instead that it is an additional resource that your book coach can offer you. When you are laid awake wondering how to do something, you can simply log on and watch from the comfort of your bed.

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