Write a non-fiction book your way

Plan, plan, plan

The key to getting your book started (and finished) starts with a good plan. By creating a comprehensive and workable plan, the rest, as they say, will follow.

  • By planning, it makes writing your book easier
  • With a plan, you are more likely to publish your book
  • Planning will help you stay on track

About you as the planner, writer and editor

Have you ever stopped to consider how you like to learn, what steps you take in getting things done, why you work the way that you do?

In order to be more productive and effective, you need to understand yourself and the habits or patterns you have formed.

When working with you as a book coach, my job is to get the best out of you and to do that, I have to understand your learning and thinking style. When I ‘get you’ I can plan individual strategies to ensure that you get yours books planned, written and published.

It is vital that when you begin to write your book you understand your preferences, as this will help you not only get started, but also actually finish and be published.

Which are you?

Are you most comfortable, planning, writing or editing?

I ask this because aspects of planning, writing and editing your book will be easier for some than others, because each of us have preferences for the way in which we think, learn and do.

I am often gently ‘berated’ by my copy editor / proof reader Pat who I have given permission to tell me as it is. I believe it is important to recognise what you are good at and leave the rest to ‘the’ experts.

To get your book written – you have to write

  • You could write your book yourself and this is incredibly satisfying. There is nothing quite like getting to first draft.
  • When you get to first draft you could work with a developmental editor and then a copy editor and proof reader.
  • You could talk at the screen with Dragon Naturally Speaking and then work with your team to finalise.
  • Hire a ghost writer who will interview you and help you to craft your book, along with their team.

Write a non-fiction book your way

I am the ideas person, I love to write, I don’t mind editing and pulling it into shape, however, like all writers I need people on my team who will help me get published. I make no apologies that I am not brilliant at everything!

My team consists of:-

  • Accountability buddy
  • Cover designer
  • Editor / proof reader

Your team may consist of different people, but whoever they are, make sure you trust them and give them responsibility to be totally honest with you. Leave your ego at the door, you will get a much better book.

How will you get your non-fiction book written and published?


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