I have an idea for a book – what next?

Writing gives birth to ideas, innovations, opens new decision pathways, enables us to tell our stories and connect to our readers (prospects and customers) in a way that goes beyond the boxes of flyers and brochures you have, holding the office door open. By organising your thoughts into a book, you can now examine what you, your business and your brand stand for.

Consider this scenario, you are trying to connect and communicate your ideas and brand to a prospect or customer. You see and hear yourself telling the tale of a customer who had a problem…, which you fixed by… and everyone lived happily ever after. You have a few short minutes to demonstrate innovation, flexibility, customer service levels, credibility, expertise, experience, know-how and whatever it is that the prospect or customer needs to hear that reassures them that you are the right supplier.

Imagine instead that this prospect had visited your website to pre-qualify you and discovered your book. The title and the book cover speak volumes about you and your brand. They are now enticed to explore and discover more.

But you don’t have a book, you know you need a book and you think you have an idea.

How do you turn your idea for a book into reality?

Create a brainstorming book idea wall

Find yourself a blank wall or use the back of a wall and use this to collate any book ideas that you have.

This is where all of your book content ideas and ideas around your book will go. Get your post-it notes, start writing down your book ideas, one per post-it, and start plastering a spare wall, back of the door or onto a piece of flip chart paper. No holds barred.

Then start adding anything that is related to each of the potential book ideas. If you don’t like this approach, use a mind map or make a list.

Work with the wall for a week, at the end of the week reflect and pull the ideas into a concrete outline.

Do this my book idea exercise

My book exercise (download PDF)

Carry your book around with you. Tell others you are writing a book, get their feedback and use their comments to help you flesh out your idea.

Then it’s about deciding to make it a reality. How will you do that?

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