Book ideas for writers – what book

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” Carl Jung

Help! How do I bring vision, reader, content and strategy together and write the right book?

One of the questions I am often asked is which book should I write.  Unless we are very clear about where we are going relative to the position on the map, your book may end up reaching for the moon, aiming for the stars, or worse still wavering between all points on the compass.

The heart spot for your book is where your vision, the business strategy, the reader you are writing for and the content, which is most relevant, intersect.

What book?

Once you have mapped the four parts out, where they intersect is your heart spot for THIS BOOK.

  • Vision: Where do your personal vision, business vision and your book vision intersect? Your vision will have an impact on how you write, present and market your book
  • Reader: You now know who you are speaking to when you write your book. You know where they live, what they like to read, their hobbies and how their values map to yours
  • Content:  When you have clarity about the other 3 aspects, you can start to think about which content you will use, write or research to fill the gaps
  • Strategy: Once you know the strategy for your business and this book, it will  shape how you write and present your content

Decision time: What book you are going to write NOW?

There is one more test…

Heart, gut, head

Which book idea speaks to your heart, intuitively feels right and which your head tells you makes the most sense to write? Work it through in that order:-

  • Heart
  • Intuition
  • Head

There may be many books which you could write. There will be one, the ONE that is right for you, right now. After all of the discovery and mapping out of your ideas you have to choose. Which ONE is it?

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