How to become a writer

Have you ever wondered how to become a writer? Let me share a secret, it is rather easy, you put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and write. Ok I am being facetious. Writing is a profession like teaching, or plumbing. You learn a trade and then you get out there, show it off, attract customers and make money. Writing, it seems to me is a passionate trade, one like painting (art not walls), which is driven from your soul.

Anyone writes for their blog is a writer.  Anyone who has written a book is a writer. Journalists are writers.

But what of good and bad writing? I am sure that you will have picked up books and felt an immediate desire to throw them back down again or perhaps use them as kindle for your fire. Which if your book is on Kindle you cannot do. And what of books that you know from the get go, creates a desire in you that makes it impossible to put them down and at the end you feel bereft.

I always have a non fiction and a novel on the go. When I get a novel that is well constructed I am lost. It is fair to say that I rarely get lost in a non fiction book, I am entranced for a while and then I switch off.

How do you go about becoming the writer that you desire to be?

  • You could go on a course or spend a few years at University learning how to write well (according to your teacher)
  • Find a subject that connects you and your soul to the content and write expressing the words that are deep within you
  • Writing is an art and like Picasso, you need to practise. Like any muscle, practise makes perfect
  • Writing is a science, study the construct of writing (or you could write and find a damn fine editor)
  • Make writing a habit and with practise you will get better – I said that already
  • Tell people that you are a writer. I discovered that it was easier to tell my Spanish neighbours that I was a writer rather than a book coach and now they tell others that there is a writer in the village. I almost believe it too
  • Believe you are a writer and you will be
  • Learn to love to read and learn how to write well from your reading
  • Become a witness to life and then write about it
  • Journal daily – it’s writing of the private kind

The snobbery that can surround writing can rob us mere mortals the joy of putting pen to paper. I always applaud anyone who writes, regardless of grammar, spelling or nonseniclasness (it’s not really a word…). What I want you to do is just write, enjoy the process, learn and do it again.

A writer, dear reader is someone who writes.


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