Tips to help you become a better writer #1

The first in a series of tips to help you become a better writer

Have a read, pick one at a time and try it out. I believe that as writers we have to find ways that work for us. Until you try a tip you wont know if it will work. Keep an open mind and most of all keep writing.

Writing takes time, effort and belief. Believe that you can and the rest as they say will follow.  Keep a healthy sense of perspective, because although you may believe you can, you may still be in need of some practise, and practise takes effort.

Explore your senses. Take a sense at a time and describe it in many different ways, Find a rich collection of words to provide your reader with a way to connect their senses to your senses.

Use imagery and explore what words come to mind. Humans see the world in pictures and it is true to say that a picture paints a 1000 words, try to find these words.

Close your eyes, go within and ask what do I think? Wait for the answer to come and write whatever comes up for you.

Know that first drafts are always rubbish. Write, leave your writing for a period to reflect. Come back and refine.

Don’t think, just write. Sometimes we over analyse and our creativity freezes. Tell your fingers that they can do what they want and let them roam the keyboard.

Become aware of your overused words. Use the search function to find them and then get out your trust thesaurus and start to use other more descriptive words.

Write first thing in the morning. The job is done and if you fancy coming back to do more you will be ahead of your game.

Write, reflect, edit. Never write and edit in the same session. Writing and editing use different parts of the brain – keep them apart.

Read other writers. You can learn a lot from other writers. Consider what you like or dislike about others work and then ask how you can model what you like and avoid what you don’t.

Keep a notebook and make notes of everything that sparks your imagination. You never know when they will come in handy.

Find your writing process. Writing is personal and you must find a way that works for you.

Plan then write. If you create an outline and chunk your work down it becomes easier to write.

Good luck with your writing.



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