Getting to the heart of your book with a values wall

Your values are the foundation of who you are. You live your life by them and if you stick to them, then writing your book should become just a tad easier.

I don’t remember anything about values in school, all I remember was that awful ‘you have to choose a stream’.  I gave up my beloved art and creative subjects in favour for what I thought I should choose. I did what I though was expected of me and took sciences and languages. I ended up expelled because I wasn’t feeding my soul. I lacked freedom – freedom to choose the subjects my heart desired and the freedom to express my creativity.

I naturally made more ‘mistakes’ and ‘learned many more lessons’, as I lived in conflict with my values.

After much soul searching, a bit of heart ache and a few more years in the bag I am living more in accordance with my values. My heart swells with the love and gratitude I feel for the life I have.

Your book and your values

If you are struggling with a book idea, have too many ideas or just can’t get your act together to write your book, then chances are it does not align with your values. Time to get back to basics and make sure your book is being written in accordance with your values.

When the book you want to write is in accordance with your values, your writing will flow.

How to discover your values?

There are lots of ways to get to your values, however, I would like to invite you try a values wall. I usually suggest that clients create an ideas wall for their book – this is just a variation on a theme.

What you need is for your values wall is:

  • A wall…
  • Post it notes
  • Pictures
  • Anything else that inspires you that can be stuck to the wall (get blue tack)
  • Coloured pens
  • Your imagination

Here’s what you do:-

  • As you go about your day to day life, notice what you enjoy doing, the conversations you have, the way you feel about certain things or people
  • Put notes, pictures and things on your values wall
  • Keep putting stuff on the wall and in seven days do a review
  • Group together like things
  • Start to brainstorm what those things mean to you and your life
  • Decide on one ‘value’ word for each group

Time to get writing about your values

  • Then write about why each of these is a value
  • What these values mean to various parts of your life
  • Add in how you will live your life according to your values
  • Consider how your book will reflect your values

One of my values – exploration

One of my values is exploration. Most days when I walk my dogs I look for a route that I haven’t been on before. I love to wander and discover new paths, plants, smells, sights and sounds. This relates easily back into to my work life. When I work with clients I adore the exploration aspect of helping them to discover the right book. I love finding new ways to do things and to help others do things.

Sometimes the most obvious things elude us, because we simply do not notice. My invitation to you today is to ‘explore’ you, to notice what you notice and to make a values wall.

Please do share what your values are.

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