Plan your non fiction book #5 – Why do you want to write a book?

Why do you want to write a book?

When you have clarity, you can define where you are heading with your writing. In finding out about ourselves, we start to gain clarity of purpose. What you are passionate about, and the purpose of your writing goes hand in hand. Your readers will have expectations. Your role as a writer is to make sure those expectations are met, while at the same time fulfilling the purpose of your writing. Getting clear on your “why” will help you to gain this clarity.

Don't think, why am I bothering. Think maybe writing my book is something I just have to do.Today a business book adds an extra dimension to your credibility as an expert. It allows you to demonstrate your expertise, skills, knowledge, experiences and passion. A business book
can support your workshops, help you to develop other products and services and be used as a highly effective marketing tool.

The business benefits to you could include a raised profile, more speaking engagements, opportunities to collaborate with others and options for you to productise your book into online programs. Imagine seeing your voice, thoughts, ideas, concepts and words in print.

When you are writing a book for your business, you will tap into parts of yourself that you may not have considered.

Your ‘why’ questions

Ask yourself why five times. Each time you answer, ask why.

Then do the same thing by asking ‘so what’, five times.

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Your ‘what’ questions

  • What will it give you?
  • What wont it give you?
  • What would be the best thing about writing and publishing your book?
  • What would be the worst thing about not writing and publishing your book?

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Plan your non fiction book
Plan your non fiction book


Plan your non fiction book in a weekend has been designed to help you to be able to undertake all of the vital planning tasks that make writing a book – simple and stress free

Each day to help you create your book, I am going to answer these essential planning questions:-

  • What kind of planner am I and why is this important to know?
  • What tools and resources do I need?
  • What is the process and cost of writing and publishing a book?
  • How long will it take me?
  • How do I get ideas for my book?
  • How do I choose the ONE big idea for my book?
  • What is an outline and how do I create one?
  • How can I structure my chapters?
  • How do I create and use a book proposal?


5 Replies to “Plan your non fiction book #5 – Why do you want to write a book?”

  1. I have thought about writing my own book, but I really don’t know what it would be about. Maybe some of the crazy hijinx that have happened to me since becoming a mom. I think that that kind of humour would be appreciated!

  2. I love that you’ve included “why do you want to write a book” in your process! Taking a moment to step back and think about the big picture and your motivation help when the “going gets tough” which at some point it will! Great post!

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