Plan your non fiction book #10 – do something else

I recently asked you what your vision for your book was and then I suggested you did nothing. Today I am suggesting that you do something else.

Do something else

Today do something else

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This is what I did today to get my creative juices flowing. I went for a walk and thought about lots of ways the things I found could be used.



Ideas and uses for things found on a walk

1. Oranges – great for Vit C and very refreshing
2. Old tiles – paint and use for wall lightsWrite because you can take time off to do something else.  And know that doing that other thing will refresh and inspire you to write more.
3. Chumba (if it wasn’t infested) prickly pear cider
4. Inspiration for a painting
5. Water – the elixir of life
6. Sun for Vit D and making you feel great
7. Rocks to sit on – it’s good to take a rest
8. Branches to hold on to. We all need some support
9. Sticks to play with and to walk with
10. Lavender – wonderful to smell and very calming

Tomorrow when you wake get out your journal and ask ‘what is the vision for my book now?’

Leave a comment because I want to know.

Remember to scribble thoughts and ideas as they come to you. Keep them safe we will be looking more at vision over the next few days.

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