Plan your non fiction book #19 – Getting ideas, a week of observation

In the last blog, I talked about space and creating space for your ideas to be allowed to saunter around your mind and have room to wander and explore. I invited you to create an ideas wall, in this post I want to invite you to expand your ideas wall and give yourself the gift of a week of observation. Get yourself a notebook and remember to use the voice recorder or video on your phone to capture what you notice.To get ideas for your book, you need to become a witness to your life

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The key is to try to notice more of what is going on around you. Take a pen and notebook and phone wherever you go, observe, notice and listen. Who do you meet, what do they say? What is the colour of the train you catch to work? What is the first thing you smell when you wake up? What sounds are around you as you step out of the house? Count how many trees there are on the way to the local shop.

How often do you fail to notice what is going on, right under your nose. You become blinded to the obvious. You might get complimented on some great advice and not even realise that, the advice you give time and time again is the key to your book.

One of things I do is to go for a walk, stop and listen. When I think I can hear what is around me, I extend my hearing to see if I can hear things from further away and then a bit further.

I do the same thing with looking at what is around me. It took me some time to realise that where I walk every day, it is full of wild herbs. Now when I want rosemary potatoes, I pop to the rambla and not the shops.

When you start to notice, you begin to realise that you spend most of your life filtering things out.

Filtering out is for very good reason, the last thing you want is to go completely insane with all of the ‘noise’ that is going on in the world. However, humans are very good at filtering out some very useful information too.

Take the time to read your notebook and listen to your videos or voice recordings and pop up words, ideas, concepts, connections, mad crazy thoughts and whatever comes up onto your wall.

Have fun, remember with a brainstorming wall there are no rules, now right or wrong, there are just thoughts and ideas.

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How to get ideas for your book



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Plan your non fiction book
Plan your non fiction book


Plan your non fiction book in a weekend has been designed to help you to be able to undertake all of the vital planning tasks that make writing a book – simple and stress free

Each day to help you create your book, I am going to answer these essential planning questions:-

  • What kind of planner am I and why is this important to know?
  • What tools and resources do I need?
  • What is the process and cost of writing and publishing a book?
  • How long will it take me?
  • How do I get ideas for my book?
  • How do I choose the ONE big idea for my book?
  • What is an outline and how do I create one?
  • How can I structure my chapters?
  • How do I create and use a book proposal?



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