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Sue Williams - Believe

Meet the wonderful Sue Williams who has inspired over 40 women to write a chapter for two of her Believe books. This interview focus’s on Sues’ chapter in the second book. Her chapter shows the enormous changes she has undergone in her changing her mindset and belief systems.

What inspired you to write a chapter for this book?

I instigated the book, the second in a series of books about belief, and wanted the book to be a real collaboration.  It therefore felt right that I would contribute a chapter alongside all of the other authors that I invited to contribute.  It had been over two years since the publication of the first Believe! book, and it was interesting to reflect on my journey since that was published.

What is your chapter about?

The theme for my chapter is breaking the cycle.  I reflect on how we can very quickly make decisions based on what others say.  I compare how, when the school career adviser asked me whether I would have the confidence to be a journalist on Fleet Street, I immediately thought “no I wouldn’t” and so put that dream to bed.  I was so lacking in confidence that it didn’t occur to me to explore further.  More recently, a business adviser made a casual reference to an app I had been developing as being “a bit amateurish”.   I picked him up on this comment, questioned why he felt that way, and made my own decision about whether it felt appropriate to take the app forward.   Too often we can adopt the beliefs of others without stopping to understand where they come from, and whether we really agree with them.  In the chapter, I also review the impact my mother had on my life, and my healing journey after she passed away.

How has writing this chapter changed you?

I feel that writing the chapter helped me to gain an objective understanding of certain experiences and incidences in my life.  It helped me to complete a circle, and to recognise the circular nature of life. Now that I am in my 50s, I am recognising opportunities to put into practise ideas which were germinating during my teens, when I didn’t have the confidence to capitalise on them.  It is also exciting to see how the world has changed significantly from the era when women were required to leave work on the birth of a child, and had less freedom and choices.  I feel increased inspiration to collaborate with others to support women who have the opportunities to achieve their dreams later in life.

What did you learn from writing your chapter?

That I am now in a very exciting period of time, when I am presented with opportunities to put the shyness and lack of self-belief that held me back earlier life behind me.  I feel ready to start a new, exciting chapter of my life.

What were (or are) the challenges in bringing your chapter to life?

Before I was able to do this, I needed to get clarity and perspective myself.  There were a number of contributing events spread over my life that, after a period of reflection, suddenly made sense to me.

What was the best part of bringing your chapter to life?

Having an helicopter view – recognising how a number of experiences in my earlier life happened for a reason.  A renewed optimism that I am heading in the right direction at this period in my life.

Who would you love to read it – what kind of people and why?

People who have felt that they have been overshadowed earlier in life.  They may have habitually taken a back seat, desiring to please other people.  They may have struggled with self-esteem and self-confidence issues and felt that life has passed them by.  My desire is to help them to recognise that this has all been a part of their journey, and that it is not too late to gain a new perspective, and to believe they can achieve their desires.

What books have influenced your life the most?

As a child I was given a book called Mary Jones and her Bible at Sunday school.  I was very taken with how Mary persevered in achieving her goal.  More recently, The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron had a major impact on my life, helping me to get more in touch with my inner creativity.

Thinking back to books of your childhood, what were your favourite books and why?

I loved books as a child, including the Famous Five and Secret Seven series, the Nancy Drew mysteries, the Chalet School books and Sue Barton student nurse.  I| also used to read all the historical novels by Jean Plaidy. As a very idealistic child, I loved stories where people helped each other out, and good always triumphed in the end.  I would read the first couple of paragraphs in the library, and if the book drew me in, that was it!

What book(s) are you reading now?

I am just about to start The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters.  I love the way she builds amazing twists into her stories, the historical settings, and great story telling.

What advice do you have for other writers?

Identify your reason for writing, and then find an approach that works for you.  There are so many different outlets available nowadays.  It could be blogging, short stories for magazines, writing a non-fiction book on which to build a business, contributing a poem to a compilation book, self-publishing etc.  And, if the idea for a writing a book has stayed with you for many years, go for it, it is meant to be!

What do you do for fun?

I enjoy travel, visiting spiritual and holistic events, seeing friends, films, concerts, and collaborating with supportive women.

Where can we find out more about you?


Sue Williams bio

Since taking early retirement in 2010, Sue Williams has published two anthologies:  Believe! The Gift of Inspiration for Female Entrepreneurs, and Believe You Can   Face Your Fears and Confidently Claim the Life you Desire.  She is also the creator of the Believe! cards app, available on the Google playstore and the Apple iStore.

Title:   Believe You Can:  Face Your Fears and Confidently Claim the Life You Desire

Series:  Believe You Can.  Second book in the series.

Authors:  Sue Williams.  Foreword: Sasha Allenby.

Becky Rui, Cassandra Eve, Christine Ingall, Clare Briggs, Debbie McLeod, Elizabeth Beetham, Elyse G. Rogers, Hayley Lloyd-Wilkins, Holly Worton, Jacqui Malpass, Jayne Morris, Jude Craig, Julie Anne Hart, Karen Edgar, Lisa Barry, Lisa Cherry, Louise Walters, Lynda Louise Mangoro, Natasha Black, Nicci Bonfanti, Susan Brookes-Morris, Tamar Peters, Wendy Aridela.

Genre:  Non fiction

Format:  Paperback and Kindle

Length:  242 pages

Publication date:  25 June 2015

Publisher:  Createspace

Regular Price:  £10.99

Amazon links:

Kindle edition:


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Francene Stanley - July 11, 2015

What a wonderful idea for a book. I loved to hear what your chapter taught you. If we can step back and take an overview of the whole of our life, we all could see why certain things happened. The main thing is to learn from each life event.

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