Connecting to your values, your story and writing a book

Connecting to your values, your story and writing a book

Often when I think about why I do what I do, I reflect on my values and the things that I am not prepared to compromise on. One of my values is freedom. When you know what your values are and you may know them, but may not have ever articulated them, you can use them as the cornerstone for many things. One of those many things is writing, more specifically writing a book and sharing your story.

Freedom is immensely important for so many reasons. In my Life goals planner, I have written

Freedom to be me and to express myself from my highest self, from a place of love

What do I mean by this?


I do what I do so that the way of life I live suits me. Which means I can serve my clients from a spiritually healthy place. If I did not have the freedom to live where I do – which could be anywhere – and how I choose, I would feel trapped and uncomfortable, and I believe that this would be reflected in how I show up in the world.

Pick one of your cornerstone values and consider it right now in the context of your lifestyle. What does that tell you about how you want to live your life so that you can serve your clients from the best version of you?


When you write you are setting yourself free. Watch this video about timelines and turning points.

The exercise asks you to find your memories, plot them on a timeline and look for aha moments and to them write about what you learn.

I put the exercise together as a way to support others writing a book (finding themes) and to help you to find a way to connect to your soul and release whatever is keeping you inside a cage.

When I shared this with my group Writing for the soul (please come and join us), I did it with the intention that I would allow my soul the freedom to allow memories that I needed to know about to surface. These memories have been explored in my writing and have given me much food for thought, as well as much amusement and freedom as I released whatever needed letting go.

Try the exercise and then for a week or longer allow memories to come. It is rather liberating and can not only provide insight but can give you stories when considering writing a book.

Your story

Your story is made up of memories, experiences, lessons learned and how that teaching has changed your life.

Some of our stories are not that pleasant, however, getting them out there is liberating and will bring freedom. Your story and the chapters of your life thus far are an encyclopaedia – a book of stuff – for you to dip into when you want to recall something to use in a specific way. The past is not a place to dwell; it is a well of learning that you can use to heal and grow from. If you dwell then chances are you will become stuck and having your feet and heart in treacle is a rubbish place to be.

Writing a book and sharing your story brings you freedom because you release as you write. It also brings freedom to your readers who will also change as a result of reading your words and hearing your story.

What is the story you want to tell that will change yours and others lives and give you freedom to be?

Writing a book

We have already touched on writing a book. This is not a passive exercise; a book is what I call a ONE THING. It is something from which you can create other products and services and yes provide you with freedom in other forms.

Writing a book will give you clarity of purpose and clarity of process (i.e. your processes). When you have these, you can plan your other products and services around your book. The book is rarely the thing that makes you money, or at least directly, you will make money from the other things.

What other things can you create from your book? Make a list and then add them into your product roadmap and bring them to life with your action plan.

If I hadn’t written Plan your non-fiction book in a weekend, I wouldn’t have a cornerstone ONE THING product from which I have created consultancy, coaching, retreats, workshops and online courses. The book doesn’t tell my story, but it did enable me to formalise my processes, and it’s how I plan and write my books and how I support my clients. Having a process, a way of doing things, in this instance, writing a book, gives me such freedom. Planning and writing books now are easy(ish) for me. I still have to write the content – just like you.

Your values and your life

As you read this, I’d like to invite you to consider your five top values. Are you living your life with these emblazoned on your heart? These are mine:-

  • Adventure – Exploring and embracing new ideas, ways of living and working
  • Beauty – Seeing the beauty within all and not being with toxic, ugly people who do not operate from their heart space
  • Freedom – Freedom to be me and to express myself from my highest self, from a place of love
  • Knowledge – The creation and sharing of knowledge to improve the lives of others
  • Intuition – Tapping into a well of incredible resources which serve to guide me through life
  • Alchemy – Magic of transformation guided by my divine inner wisdom and spirit

Each of these gives me the freedom to serve you and to live my life my way – what about you?

Writing a book is not everybody’s cup of tea, and certainly, there is a boom in people saying you should or you must. Actually, you don’t have to. What would be better is if you found something that gave you your ONE THING which fitted with your values and gives you the freedom to be who you want to be and live an uncompromised life.

Years ago, I helped many people to write books which were very personal and deeply moving stories, and they never published. They didn’t publish because they wrote their books as part of a healing process and not for public consumption. The net result of writing a book in this way helped them to release their demons. You see not all books have to be published. What comes from this could be a different product or service and definitely peace of mind.

Living your life according to your values is empowering.

Living your life according to your values is empowering.

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If writing a book for whatever reason, be that personal or for business impact is something you have been toying with, but are unsure about which is the right book, I would invite you to take this course Write the right book, for only $27. You will within the first few exercises find that book.


PS: A client of mine did these exercises and told me she hated her visualisation. When she had recounted it to me, it made perfect sense, and this then formed the foundation of her book. And guess what? The visualisation was a reflection of her values which she wanted to share as part of her story.

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