Getting connected to your non-fiction book. What is your books what?

Getting connected to your non-fiction book. What is your books what?

You’ve decided to write a book and you are feeling all shy and not sure what to tell anyone about it, when out of left field a friend discovers that you are about to pen something.

‘So, what’s this I hear, you are writing a book?’

‘Um, yes.’


‘And what?’

‘What’s it called?’

You clear your throat and declare boldly ‘ It’s called The Puppy With No Name.’ You are thinking on your feet, the name wasn’t clear but this friend caught you off guard and you had no option. First thing that came into your head was this title.

‘And, what’s it about then?’

Why all the questions, you wonder, it’s none of their business. Actually, you have no idea, time to blag it. You take a deep breath and go for it.

‘It’s about an abandoned Puppy who finds herself lost in the hills. She goes on a journey where she meets all kinds of unlikely animals and through their friendship and collaboration finds a forever home, love and her purpose.’

‘Oooo, that sounds great, so who does she meet?’

And the conversation goes on and what started off as a germ of an idea has now surfaced into something more meaningful. Time to grab your pen and paper and do the my book exercise to start to clarify things.

This is often how books emerge, through random thoughts and conversations. Later when you have time to reflect, the rest of your book idea will emerge.

What is your books what?

Come and join me in Writing for the soul and share your books what.

Your book Day 2


Watch the what is your non-fiction books what


Please come and share and if writing a book is on your to-do list and you want support to get it out of your head, written and published. You know where I am.

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