Help my book is in a mess!

What can you do when the book you are writing is in a mess? It may be that you haven’t started, or you have with no direction, or you don’t know why you are writing this book.

There are three areas that I want to address when your book is in a mess

  1. Too many ideas in your head and you cannot work out which is the right one
  2. Started writing without structure
  3. Don’t know why you are writing and it seemed like a good idea at the time

What can you do when the book you want to write is in a mess?

  1. Watch my visualisation and my book exercise (in this course – Write the right book)
  2. By doing the two exercises above and following the mini-course, you will find the right book for right now
  3. Map your book out, create a roadmap and a book plan that will help to stay focused
  4. Create an outline and chapter framework. This chunks the book into manageable sections
  5. When you have the right book – your one thing, you can turn it into many thinks – courses, retreats, workshops and coaching/consultancy
  6. Your why will be building a personal brand, potentially healing or you are writing just because you want to.
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Any questions let me know.

To follow my book journey and to find ideas and inspiration for your book please head over to Like the page and let me know how you are getting on with your book.


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