Write your book with passion and purpose

Recently I ran a non-fiction book planning weekend with two incredible women. Both very different and both full of passion and purpose. For me books come from within, from your soul with the intention of sharing the inspirational message you were destined to bring. A message that will make a heart to heart and soul to soul connection with just the right people.

We are all on a learning journey where different people, philosophies, messages and teachings come into our lives at just the right time, as if we are magnetically drawing them to us.

People in my experience write books for many reasons, for some it is very ego based and is about attaining a best-seller status in their category. That category may not be what they are passionate about. Rather they have researched and spotted a gap in the market. Hats off to them for being well researched and putting in time and effort to write. Or do they? Again there is nothing wrong with creating an outline and giving it to a ghostwriter and other outsourced low priced resources. Many do. I am genuinely in admiration for anyone who finds a process that works for them.

Writing and publishing books is a process, hard work and time consuming. However, when you pour in passion and purpose, the process, effort and time you put in becomes a love labour, where you go on a voyage of self-discovery and produce a book from your soul. That is far more powerful.

Whilst being a best seller is a wonderful accolade and achievement, touching the hearts of others is, in my opinion what we are here to do.

Yes I know we need to make cash, pay the mortgage and put food on the table and you can. If you look at your beautiful, heartfelt words as something that will help you to build your soul brand, your book (or books) becomes a brand asset, which is part of a bigger branding toolkit. You now have something, which can be used in many different ways – online programmes, building a speaking career, a methodology for x (your soul purpose), workshops and whatever else you feel is right for you. Your book is how someone else can get to know you without ever having met you, or after meeting you become more intimate with your thoughts and ideas.

When I first started to write and publish books, they were around what I knew and did. I had books on marketing for small businesses, marketing for therapists, natural fertility planning and personal branding. I put my heart into them in the sense that I wanted to share my knowledge, however they lacked passion, soul purpose and personality.

When I write today it is connected to what I believe my soul purpose is and that is to inspire you to connect and write from your heart and to share the inspirational message that you were destined to bring into being.

Knowing that you have an inspirational message to share is the first step; how you get it planned, written, edited, published and marketing is simply a process. Apologies I make that sound easy and it is if you know how. It makes sense to do what you can and want to and outsource the rest.

When the process is connected to passion and purpose you have something that will have you smiling for a long time to come.

This weekend I got huge goose bumps as I was drawn gently into the world of other people’s passion. I know that when these books are published they will be using them as part of that bigger picture and will, without a doubt leave a magical spell in the hearts of others. Not only that, their inspirational message will be cemented in their minds and with that content have the basis for many other products and services.

I continue to maintain that a book is not just a book, it is a brand asset, it is a personal development tool, it creates clarity of purpose, draws out your soul purpose and lets you make a heart to heart connection with your soul tribe. When you are in your zone and can add genuine value you will get a return on your investment.