The miracle of your fascinating skin and personal brand

The miracle of your fascinating skin and personal brand

Following on from the article I wrote previously about my personal brand detox and my skin. I got to wondering about how skin reflects on who we are and how we interact with others. Skin has started to become fascinating to me.

A few years ago, I headed off to an early morning business breakfast. It was my first meeting, so I entered the room searching for a friendly face. This, of course, meant me glancing hopefully for signs of life and a smile. Just as I was about to head over to an open face, I was pounced on.

The man in question looked dreadful, his otherwise handsome face was sallow, and the dark lines around his eyes suggested a sluggish lifestyle. A little while later, I watched as shovelled the greasy fayre down and laughed that this was his fourth this week.

I wondered what else he had done that week that was being reflected back at me through his skin. There is no doubt in my mind that he was oblivious to the messages that his skin was relaying. He looked tired, worn and old.

It may seem callous and a cliché but we do judge a book by its cover and skin is such a large part of us. In fact, it is the largest organ we have.

The miracle of your fascinating skin

Just this week I have started an experiment with some facial products, and I took some close up pictures and videos of myself. I was horrified to find that I had rosacea. Certainly not a bad case, but enough for me to realise that I needed to do something extra. Transfixed by close-ups of my face, I started to feel vain, a quality I do not admire.

However, it also set alarm bells going regarding my diet. It is good, but I questioned is it the right diet for me? Had I become complacent living by myself? Possibly.

This ‘look’ at my face pushed me unwillingly on a rollercoaster towards more and more personal questions. Suddenly I had opened myself up to all kinds of inner issues that I had not been consciously aware of. Not demons, that would be too strong. I felt old and yet at 54 I cannot expect to be a ‘spring chicken’ can I? I am lived in, I have experienced life and I am what and who I am regardless of the skin I wear.

My mind flitted back and forth between my reaction and wondering how other people felt about their skin and what they reflect back in terms of themselves and others. I’d not really considered others skin, their regimes and what might someone might do in order to get the best skin possible.

There are I realise many people who have skin conditions which may have been caused by trauma, through working in hazardous conditions, or they have been like that from birth. Each of these cases is specialised and beyond the scope of this article.

The questions I am asking is for those people whose lifestyle is reflected in their skin, which in turn may impact their personal brand and how they are viewed.

Our fascinating skin as a barometer

Our fascinating skin is a great barometer that something may not be 100%. Yellowy tinges could be jaundice, too much alcohol or some other liver condition. My dad an alcoholic tried to hide his yellow skin by excessive sunbathing, which in turn led to growths on his head. Yellow around the eyes could be cholesterol. Skin eruptions might be hormonal changes. Its not only us gals that have hormones, you know! Those lovely bags could be the result of living in the fast lane, too little sleep or allergies.

It seems to me that the skin is a wonderful indicator that there are lifestyle areas that might need addressing. I wonder what yours are?

The point is, if your lifestyle and health are being reflected out into the world through your skin, what message does that give a potential employer or customers?

The miracle of your fascinating skin facts

  • Skin is the human body’s largest organ (despite what some the opposite gender may think – sorry guys…)
  • Your skin protects your bones, muscles and internal organs
  • It also protects your body from outside diseases
  • Skin allows you to feel and react to heat and cold and using blood to regulate your body heat
  • Dead skin is constantly being shed as billion tons of dust in the atmosphere and yes you are breathing it in
  • Your skin weighs about 8 – 9 pounds
  • Environmental and lifestyle factors heavily influence the ‘ageing’ of your skin as well as genetics
  • Wrinkles happen to everyone
  • What you put on your skin and in your body will show up in your face (and in other areas)

My anti-aging skin action plan

  1. Continue to drink water and more in this searing heat
  2. Drink vegetable juices more often
  3. Use good quality skin products designed to be anti-aging
  4. Get into a skin-care regime and stick to it – make yourself, if I have to you do too!
  5. Get rid of things that I am eating or drinking that don’t serve me – I am heading more towards veganism and getting rid of animal products as much as I can
  6. Meditate more
  7. Do more yoga – even 20 minutes in the morning and evening would help
  8. Wear more hats
  9. Stay covered up in the sun. I still have the whitest legs in the world!

I may not be a skin expert (yet) but I am concerned about my health. Remember what you see on your skin is your body’s way of telling you something is up and gives clues to others about your lifestyle.

Can I gently remind you that people do judge and that looking after you is the most important thing.

I double dare you to take some close up pictures and examine your face. I did, I didn’t like it and I am taking action. Will you?


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Ken Weliever - July 5, 2015

Honestly, I hadn’t thought much about this topic. I figured it was more of a female issue! That is man is just going to look a certain way regardless! So, your post does present a alternative point of view for me. I am doing about 3 of your nine suggestions. Maybe I can add a couple more!

    Jacqui Malpass - July 6, 2015

    Wow, Ken, I am so pleased. My dietary changes and meditation are working wonders. I did feel rubbish for a few days, but now my energy is soaring, and I am loving making new things. Today I am making almond feta… Good luck!

amar naik - July 5, 2015

i hardly bother to take any action with my face. but probably i need to do it now 🙂 thanks for sharing your plan

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