Write your book, share your story and change lives

Writing a book - Write your book, share your story and change lives

There have been many times that I have heard someone say to me ‘oh yeah, I’ve been told I should write my book but…

The but is often shrouded by an uncertainty of who would want to read it, that it may not be that interesting, how would I do it and I haven’t got the time.

If there is one thing I want you to know it is this – your story, your journey, the changes you made, your awakening and your inspirational message will change someone’s else’s life.

How can I be so sure?

I know because I work with people who think that they are ordinary every day and yet to me, they have words of gold to share with the world. When I hear what they have been through, how they changed and what they want to tell, I can feel the message rising, I can get in touch with the emotion, and I can visualise the story coming to life. Not only that, I can see how they can use their book to create so many other things.

It seems to me that there is little point in experiencing if we cannot use those lessons to help others.

Of course, there is a way to tell the story so that it captivates the hearts and souls of others. If it were that easy everyone would be penning their tomes of derring-do.

It is not as if you have to have had a dreadful life. It is more that you have been a witness, that you have an experience that is shareable and that you can use what you now know to support another soul.

You can do this in many ways, writing a book is just one way. You can take your stuff and create a non-fiction book, be that a memoir or a personal leadership/how to book, fiction or as a blog that you will eventually turn into a book.

Look at your bookshelf, what books have you read that you gleaned an inspirational message from? Is it a book from childhood? Or something more recent? Non-fiction or fiction?

Taking time out to read and learn

In the past four weeks, I decided to take some time out from reading non-fiction and indulge in some fiction. My Kindle is full of psychological thrillers, mainly because I buy these for my mum’s Kindle. I end up reading them by default.

While reading them, my mind is always racing to work out who did it and why. After a while, no matter how well these are written, they become uninspiring, and I need a change. Unless you get one of those very well crafted books and you don’t find out until the end – those I love.

When I am in an ‘I need to drift into nothingness’ mood, the only kind of books I want are chick lit.

Before you poo poo me and look down your nose, let me tell you how valuable these recent books have been to my personal growth. Each of the books I read caught me unawares in what I took from them. In every book I was taken on a journey with my protagonist where they and I learned something that made us better people. Their story taught me something valuable.

What I learned from fictional books

Without sharing the titles and giving the storylines away, this is in brief what I got from my four books:-

Bucket list for your soul – what does your soul yearn for?

This book had our protagonist acting out a bucket list that belonged to someone else. She overcame her fear and did all of the things on the list. It got me thinking about bucket lists and how they usually revolve around taking some fantastic journeys. What called to me was the question – what would my soul like to do? What inner work would I like to consider? So I set about creating a bucket list for my soul rather than my human.

Being grateful for what you have

In this book what I learned was that we don’t realise what we have until it is too late. It was about not being aware of what is right in front of you that you are taking for granted. This made me stop and look at all of the beautiful things that I have. Big gratitude for what I have is what I walked away with.

Letting go of the material

The message here was letting go of material things, planning and working with your resources. This led me to look around at the material things that I had and did not need and so started selling them so that others could enjoy them. This book also made me think about how I could be more resourceful with what I have.

Seeing inner beauty

This made me think about relationships and seeing the inner beauty of a person. The right person may not be who you think it is. We put labels on people and our desires, such as tall, has blue eyes, intelligent, does this for a living, etc. All of which hides who they might be and what we should do is let their soul reveal themselves to us.

Write your book and change a life

It struck me that there are so many stories inside so many people that could change someone else’s thinking and their lives. We owe it to ourselves to share what we have learned in some way so that others can grow.

One of these ways, as I have said, is through writing books.

Even though the books described above are all fictional, I am sure that they each have an element of the writer’s life or someone’s life that they know in them.

Your non-fiction book will do the same. Your reader will discover you through your story, where you were, the stuff that happened before you woke up, your awakening and the actions that you took to become who you are today. They will understand the journey and the outcomes. Which means that if they so choose, they too can be inspired by your story and embark on their adventure. And hopefully they will touch someone else’s life and so on.

Write your book and take your reader on that journey and unlike fiction (in most cases), you will be able to give them tools and resources to help them to change and grow.

Know that your story and inspirational message can change lives. Pick the part that you want to share, start today, write your book and make a difference.

Also know that writing your book will give you clarity of purpose, message and give you a tool to use in many ways such as coaching, consultancy and online courses. Books change lives – starting with yours.

If you are unsure of what book to write, take this mini course which is on offer at $27 instead of $47. It will guide you gently through finding the right book for right now.

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