Writing from your heart

Writing from your heart

“Writing became such a process of discovery that I couldn’t wait to get to work in the morning:  I wanted to know what I was going to say. “

It is vital that we journal and write in the right place, in the right frame of mind, that we let go of our self-consciousness, become one with ourselves and write without judgment.  If you write from your head, your left logical brain is engaged, now, I ask that you to let go of logic and write from heart and unconscious mind.

Healing has to come from within you.  Our writing can take us to the depths of despair or the soaring heights of ecstasy. Either place is not balanced.  There is too much noise going on around us, too many people want our time, money, a part of us and we hand it over readily.  We become a part of the overall sound rather than one unique note, which is us.  By looking inwards we will find our words, the bits of our writing, which will make the melodies of our lives.

When I have written from deep within myself I am shocked and amazed at what I write, it is if someone else has penned the words, yet they resonate, bring clarity and meaning to my life.

Whether you share or not, is not the question, just that you write with all of your soul, let the story flow and let go of any pain.

By bringing your pain to the forefront of your being, experiencing it, you will be able to find your own resources to carry you forward.

Finding emotions in your writing

  • Take your focus to your heart. Put your pen to paper and just start writing, write quickly.
  • After 5 minutes stop.
  • Write 3 emotions that this writing evokes in you.

It is important the emotions are spontaneous and not written with lots of thought.  In this way you can lay bare, be exposed to what your heart wants you to know and to deal with.

In journaling and life writing, you are writing slices of life, magic carpets that your memory flies you to.  Behold the sky above you, earth beneath you, watch the colours of the world race by you and arrive at your destination, not the one planned, but the one you were meant to arrive at.

What does your world look like from your heart?

Chances are if you write from your heart you will connect to someone else’s heart.

Finding your style

Be authentic, be yourself, use your intuition, develop your style and the things you want to write about.  If you want to take your journaling in different directions, I would encourage you to go to writing classes to learn about the craft of writing, read books about writing and join some on-line forums

Journalers tip

  • Decide to write from your heart – intention is everything.
  • Find your inner creative space and enjoy being in it.
  • Notice what is important to you, or what you feel passionate about, go with those feelings.
  • Be strong and have courage to write about what you want to write about.
  • Allow the real you to shine.

Put pen to paper, right now and just write.

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